Week of 4/27/15

Sunday 5/2/15– Christina and DCA$H got in 10 miles and strides.

Saturday 5/2/15-longish run of between 11.5-13.5 miles plus 20*100m , Deirdre and Christina came back to run on South’s sub-4 4×400 team!!!!!! ewa ewa

Friday 5/1/15-Holmdel Twilight! Girls go 1-2!!!!!

Thursday 4/30/15-pre meet of between 3-6 miles

Heat assignments for Holmdel Twilight  ARE HERE




Wednesday 4/29/15– Those competing friday who did not compete against ND ran 3-4 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 10x 200m – 2 laps down, Tim and Nikhil ran 11 miles steady- all others ran between 9-10 miles finishing with 8 x 150m.

 Tuesday 4/28/15-boys suffer a loss against Notre Dame but girls remain unbeaten!!! all others got in a 40 minute run and 20 x 100m

Monday 4/27/15- Quick team meeting followed by 2-3 miles warm-up SDS (8) followed by 6 x 800m on a 4:15, 5, and 5:15 c. Those competing in the duel meet tomorrow got in a variety of workouts- Tim and Nikhil hit 6 miles steady followed by 4 miles at 5:30/ mile. Christina and DCA$H ran 5 miles steady and 3 miles at 6:25/ mi. Both groups followed with 8-10 x 150m. Everyone else hit between 6-10 miles followed by strides.

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