Week of April 13, 2015

Sunday 4/19/15– recovery run for those who raced yesterday.

Saturday 4/18/15- Mercer Relays! DCASH splits 2:13! rest of the crowd got in their long run at TBP.

Friday 4/17/15– Specifity and power!!!!!! 1200@ GMP followed by 20 x 50m easy mileage for those competing tomorrow.

Congrats Deirdre !!!!! 


Thursday 4/16/15

Wednesday 4/15/15– Nikhil and Tim- 11 miles steady(6:20/ mi), Sam and Zach ran 10 at 6:30/ mi 8*150m , Christina Crancan 7:15/ mi for 8.5 followed by 11*150m.  Dev group – 6-12x 800m on a 4:30, 5:30, 6:00 cycle.

Tuesday 4/14/15- thoe who competed in duel meet looked GREAT!  Big PRs by Sam Williams (4:26/2:03/53xx) Tommy Moxham goes 10:07! distance guy 4 x 4 runs 3:33!!! Great day!!!!! Crancan and DCASH run an easy 2:18/11:33!! Petrov and Moxham rip mile!!!!

Monday  4/13/15- kids either ran 2 miles up and between 16-20x 400 on a 2:00-2:30 cycle or a pre meet of 6 miles- 600m fast- and a few good 150s. Penn Crowd ran 40 minutes at maintenance pace followed by 18-20 min at lt and some easy 150s followed by 4×7 reps of squats at 130-150% bw

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