Week of 4/27/15

Sunday 5/2/15– Christina and DCA$H got in 10 miles and strides.

Saturday 5/2/15-longish run of between 11.5-13.5 miles plus 20*100m , Deirdre and Christina came back to run on South’s sub-4 4×400 team!!!!!! ewa ewa

Friday 5/1/15-Holmdel Twilight! Girls go 1-2!!!!!

Thursday 4/30/15-pre meet of between 3-6 miles

Heat assignments for Holmdel Twilight  ARE HERE




Wednesday 4/29/15– Those competing friday who did not compete against ND ran 3-4 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 10x 200m – 2 laps down, Tim and Nikhil ran 11 miles steady- all others ran between 9-10 miles finishing with 8 x 150m.

 Tuesday 4/28/15-boys suffer a loss against Notre Dame but girls remain unbeaten!!! all others got in a 40 minute run and 20 x 100m

Monday 4/27/15- Quick team meeting followed by 2-3 miles warm-up SDS (8) followed by 6 x 800m on a 4:15, 5, and 5:15 c. Those competing in the duel meet tomorrow got in a variety of workouts- Tim and Nikhil hit 6 miles steady followed by 4 miles at 5:30/ mile. Christina and DCA$H ran 5 miles steady and 3 miles at 6:25/ mi. Both groups followed with 8-10 x 150m. Everyone else hit between 6-10 miles followed by strides.

Week of 4/20/15

Sunday 4/26/15-recovery run or off

Saturday 4/25/15-Tim and Nikhil run 13.5 at 555/ mile.  Crancs ran 11.5 at 6:55/ mile. Everyone else competed at Peddie Duel.  Pirates up to 26 under 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 4/24/15- Boys 8th in DM! Tim leads off in lead! Sam and Zach got in 800m at GMP followed by 12 x 200 in 29. mileage for everyone else.

Thursday 4/23/15-Girls shatter record in horrible conditions to earn runner-up in COA Distance Medley! a few guys got in some fast 200’s. those who ran 200’s yesterday ran mileage.

Weds 4/22/15– fast 200’s. or recovery.

Tuesday 4/21/15-either a recovery run or dual meet.

Monday 4/20/15- Nikhil ran 11 miles at 6:15/ mi, (Tim runs 10) finish with 8 x 150.  Gals ran 8 miles at 7:15/ mi- squatters squatted x 7 reps at 130-150% BW

Dev Groups hit ..A- 16*400m on a 2:00 c, B- 12*400m (210-220).

Those racing tomorrow hit 8-10 miles on grass followed by 8*150m

Week of April 13, 2015

Sunday 4/19/15– recovery run for those who raced yesterday.

Saturday 4/18/15- Mercer Relays! DCASH splits 2:13! rest of the crowd got in their long run at TBP.

Friday 4/17/15– Specifity and power!!!!!! 1200@ GMP followed by 20 x 50m easy mileage for those competing tomorrow.

Congrats Deirdre !!!!! 


Thursday 4/16/15

Wednesday 4/15/15– Nikhil and Tim- 11 miles steady(6:20/ mi), Sam and Zach ran 10 at 6:30/ mi 8*150m , Christina Crancan 7:15/ mi for 8.5 followed by 11*150m.  Dev group – 6-12x 800m on a 4:30, 5:30, 6:00 cycle.

Tuesday 4/14/15- thoe who competed in duel meet looked GREAT!  Big PRs by Sam Williams (4:26/2:03/53xx) Tommy Moxham goes 10:07! distance guy 4 x 4 runs 3:33!!! Great day!!!!! Crancan and DCASH run an easy 2:18/11:33!! Petrov and Moxham rip mile!!!!

Monday  4/13/15- kids either ran 2 miles up and between 16-20x 400 on a 2:00-2:30 cycle or a pre meet of 6 miles- 600m fast- and a few good 150s. Penn Crowd ran 40 minutes at maintenance pace followed by 18-20 min at lt and some easy 150s followed by 4×7 reps of squats at 130-150% bw

Week of 4/6/2015


Saturday 4/11/15-10 minutes easy, 10 miles hard, 5 minutes down, Nikhil hit 11/5 at 5:40 / mi.

Friday 4/10/15- steady mileage of between 8-10.5 miles at a very easy pace.

Thursday 4/9/15– power and specificity, most pirates got in 2 x 800m at GMP (6 minutes between each )followed by 22x 60m with over -unders.  Penn group hit roughly 80% of goal distance 100% GP.  followed by roughly 20% of goal distance at 100% GP- 30 seconds between sets.  same sprints .

Wednesday 4/8/15-top guys hit 5 miles at MP and 5 miles at 75% of MVO2.

Tuesday 4/7/15- most kids ran between 6-12 miles but a few brave souls got in a track workout- Timmy B got in 5 x 600m at goal mile followed by 5 x 400- all fast, D CASH did the dame workout but with 4 6’s and 4 4’s.  Rancan did a ladder (descending) at goal mile (8-6-4’s).  Good day!

Monday 4/6-15– most kids got in 2o min easy followed by SDS (4-8) and 20-25x 400m on a 2:05-2:45 cycle – Nikhil and Zabih got in 7x 600 at GMP followed by 2×400 fast – Timmy- 13.5 miles at 6/mi and 10×100 fast- dcash and Crancan get in 12 miles at 6:50/mi and 20x 100m