Week of 2/16/15

Sunday 2/21/15-recovery run or off

Saturday 2/21/15-long run at high school- 9-10.5 miles- MOC!

Rancan Makes History- DCASH 5th! Nikhil runner – up!!!!!

Friday 2/20/15-sprints up the theater wing- sprints (30x)

Thursday 2/19/15– MEET at HSS at 3:00!!!!!!! Practice is absolutely mandatory!!!!!! hard indoor running- temps dangerously cold- 20 up- 20 at LT- 10 all out- 10 easy. Top dogs bundled up and went out- Guys hit 8 miles at 6:20/ mi, girls hit 10k at 7:00/ mile.  MD was indoors and hit 2 x 14:00 at LT


Wednesday 2/18/15– quick team meeting followed by core (planks- knee drives, 100 ups, froggies)- most kids ran 1.2 miles up followed by 18-22* 420m on a 2:30-3:00 cycle.- 1.2 down.  MD Group hit 1. 370m at G800 pace followed by 10 seconds rest and a 150m sprint- 2. then 12 x 200m (1:00 cycle) – repeat # 1 followed by 8 x 100m (40 s cycle).  MD guys and gals ran 40 steady- 10:00 @ 75% and a few form 150’s.  Some kids hit the squat rack.  Good day

Tuesday 2/17/15– No practice – school closed.  Assignments are as follows. Observe the laws of common sense! stay off busy roads and be safe!

DCASH and CRancy-start with 100 ups a (3 x 60s) and froggies (3 x 20s) run 20 minutes steady followed by …3 miles (or 19 :00) at Threshold (listen to your body and train that line!) girls should follow with 3 x 1 minute on (90%) 1 min off and a few miles cooldown.

Nikhil and Tim should start with 3 x 60 s of 100 ups and 3 x 20 s froggies- warm up for 30 minutes and run 20 minutes at LT (keep it personal) and finish with 4 x 1 on / 1 off- be sure to be in control at all times. short cooldown.  Save the best for Saturday and remember you’re still recovering.  Finish with core and stretching.

MD crew- 20 minutes up- 20 minutes at 90% followed by 12 x 30 seconds. – short cooldown.

LD  and developmentals- start with froggies and 100 ups – run 30 minutes in one direction and return progressive (15 minutes at LT followed by 10 minutes at 90 % and 5 minutes all-out) short cooldown. finish with cooldown (5-10 min of jogging.)

Monday 2/16/15- those  pirates who are aiming to be great got in long runs ranging from 8-12 miles.  Everyone else stayed inside and developed their various weaknesses.

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