Week of 1/5/15

 Thursday 10/8/15-incredibly cold out- nonetheless the Pirates were able to get in solid work.  MD hit 4.2 miles at Marathon pace- top dogs hit 7.2 miles and top ladies hit 10k.  Day we begun with core.

Wednesday 10/7/15– those who didn’t compete warmed up for 15 minutes before settling into two groups .  Everyone hit 12*275 on a 1:40 (a)- 2:00 cycle.  15 minutes down.

Tuesday 10/6/15– kids had to stick on campus due to poor weather conditions (20 with snow) but nonetheless got in between 4-10 miles on the mile loop. Workout was preceded by core.

Monday 10/5/15- top dogs and ladies hit 2 miles up and between 4.2-5 miles at LT both landed around 27 minutes at the top end, 2 laps down followed by 5 sets of 10 reps at 125% BW.


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