Week of 12/15/14

Saturday 12/20/14-top ld guys hit about 13.7 with a huge hill (Copper Mine rd (1.7 miles)) Gals hit the same loop yet only ran about 11.7, most everyone else hit between 11.5-13.5 mile and strides.

Friday 12/19/14– 2 miles up- SDS (8).  LD guys and gals  worked on their 800m pace- – running a fast 600 followed by a fast 200 after 30 s, 2 laps rest then guys ran 10-12x 200m with a 125m rest all around 29-30.  Nikhil led all in 1:31/ 29.  MD guys anmd gals worked on their 400m skills with a classic Willingboro workout of 300- 100- 10 x 175 with drills.  Most of the guys and gals hit a 3:00 drill led by Dave Long, J Forrest, and Liz P! they followed this with 2 laps easy and 10 x 75m with drills.

Thursday 12/18/14-run 2 miles to Conover Park , 4- 5 miles at a sustained effort.  Top dogs ran 34:34 for 6 miles, top ladies ran 32:29 for 5 miles.  MD hit 4 miles at a good clip and a fast 300 (41-42).

Wednesday 12/17/14-top LD Guys and Gals hit 5-6x the Vanhiseville loop, guys avg’d 2:30-2:40 up 800m the hill. MD guys and Gals hit 3 Vanhiseville loops and 2 x 300m on track.  Most Pirates hit 2 miles up followed by fartleks of 1070m , 770m, 500m and 400m for a total of 6 miles of running.

Tuesday 12/16/14– day started with core before Top dogs ran 8 miles at 6/ mi, Top ladies 5 miles at 6:50ish a mile – MD guys hit 5 miles in a little under 6/ mi, Gals MD group hit 4.3 miles in 31 min.  All other groups hit between 4.3-6.3 miles.  Rainy and chilly out.

Monday 12/15/14-2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by …

A- 800m @ GMP followed by 2 laps and 4 x 600m @ GMP (400 rest between each) finished with a 400 @ 800 pace.  Nikhil led all in 207/132/135/134/135/59  Ladies did the same workout without a 400, Top times were 227/148/150/150/149.  MD crowd hit 2x 550m at G 800 (400 jog between) followed by 4 x 300m @ goal, goal, goal, fast).  Most kids got in 13 x 300m @ GMP with 100 m jog.  2 laps down.  Squatters hit 4 x 10 reps @25% BW

Week of 12/8/14

Saturday 12/13/14– 8:00 am practice TBP!!!

Friday 12/12/14– 2 miles up followed by SDS (8) and …most kids got in 800m at GMP followed by 125m jog and 400 meters fast- 2 laps jog and 10 x 50m sprints with over sunders and 2 laps cooldown followed. Top L:D kids got in 4 x 500m (300 rest jog) at mile Dream Pace followed by 4 x 50m and drills. MD crowd got in 2x(400 meters @ G800 – 30s rest 200 fast) followed by 8 x 50m sprints with over-unders.

Thursday 12/11/14-most kids ran 2 miles up followed fartlek , pick ups included 1070m, 770m 500m and 400m, top dogs and gals hit the new Vanhiseville Loop (1.5 miles) girls hit 4 loops – guys 5 loops- picked it up on N. Mill to gain fitness from mountainous 40 ft hill. Guys avg’d 2:50 or so- girl low 3’s.

Wednesday 12/10/14-core followed by between 4.3-6 miles at a good clip, Top LD BOYS and MD groups finished with a 300m sprint.

 Tuesday 12/9/14-everyone started the day with 300 sit ups and 4 x 60 seconds of 100 ups. Most kids got in 10 minutes easy – 10 minutes fast- 10 minutes easy and 10 minutes fast.  Top distance kids ran 15 minutes, up and 20 minutes at LT followed by 6 minutes fast (90%).  MD crew got in 15 minutes up- ran 2 miles at 6:00 pace (ZK led all in 11:48) rested briefly and ran 10 minutes at 6 minute pace (9:43 followed by a brief rest and 4 laps at 3:35.  Squatters squatted 3 sets of 10 reps at 125% BW.

Monday 12/8/14– 15 min up- SDS (8), most kids got in 15 x 250m with a 150 walk/ jog rest.  Top LD hogs got in 1k at Goal mile pace (apparently our goals are very modest this year) followed by 7 minutes rest, 800m at GMP, 6:00 rest and 4 x 600m @ GMP, followed by a few fast 200’s.  Ladies got in a simple ladder og 1k/800/600/400 (x2) and a few fast 200’s. MD hit 500, 400 (x2) and 6 x 300m all at goal 800 with full rest.  Ladies got in a 500, 2x 400 and 6-8 x 200m with 125m rest.  everyone hit 2 laps down.

Week of 12/1/14


NIKHILS RACE HERE !!!!! Tune in at noon or before!!!!!

Saturday 12/6/14– Practice at TURNING BASIN PARK @ 8:00 am!!!

 Friday 12/5/14– 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by – top dogs LD hit 2 x 600m @ GMP with 6 minutes rest between and followed by  10 x 60m sprints.  MD group hit 3 x 400m @ G800 (full rest) with 4 x 60m sprints after, most kids got in 800m fast followed by 2 laps rest and 12 x 60m sprints with over unders between each rep, 2 laps down

Thursday 12/4/14-most kids ran 2 miles up and 2 miles progressive followed by 12 x 100m (last 6 barefoot).  A few of the top dogs and ladies hit 2 miles followed by a structured fartlek featuring picks up of 1070/ 770, and 400m, 2 laps down- 6 total miles.

Wednesday 12/3/14-kids ran between 3-6 miles.  Some kids ran a kicker at the end of practice between 300 (MD) and 500m (LD)

Tuesday 12/2/14-15 minutes up followed by SDS (8) and between 6-16 x 200m with 125 m walk recovery.  .5-2 mile coolie.  Nikhil got in 3 miles up and 8 x 200m @ 30 with 25 min down.

Monday 12/1/14- Nikhil ran abt 12 miles @ 6:25 pace – everyone else got in a their first indoor track workout of a few miles easy on grass.  Nial got in 3 miles , 300 in 45 and a few strides.