Week #22(Week of 11/24/14)



Friday 11/28/14-kids ran 3-5 miles and 6 x 100m at Wappinger Falls

Thanksgiving- morning run followed by 400m at GMP and a few miles easy

Wednesday 11/26/14-bundle up and complete run of 4-8 miles OYO on safe side streets or treadmill.

Tuesday 11/25/14-easy ruin followed by 8 – 10 x 200m @ 800m RP- short cooldown

Monday 11/24/14— longish run between 8-12 miles @ maintenance pace

Week #21(Week of 11/17/14)


Sunday 11/23/14-60 minutes easy

Saturday 11/22/14– BOYS FINISH 6TH!!!!!, NIKHIL 2nd!!!! Tim 9TH!!!!!!!! Christina 12th!!!!!

Friday 11/21/14-easy run.

Thursday 11/20/14-light run or (for those not competing) 2 x 6 laps with a 3 lap kicker at G5k pace- 6 minutes rest between each.

Wednesday 11/19/14-moderate run followed by an easy 12-14 min at LT and a few miles down followed by ice bath.

Tuesday 11/18/14-kids ran a moderate workout and threw on some spikes for a few easy 200’s.

Monday 11/17/14- horrible weather outside- in lieu of schedules workout kids ran 30 minutes inside.

Week #20(Week of 11/10/14)

Sunday 11/16/14– 50-60:00 followed by strides.

Saturday 11/15/14-warm-up followed by 5 k race- Nikhil wins in 2nd All-Time Holmdel mark for a PIRATE- BOYS PLACE 4TH!!!

Friday 11/14/14-those competing tomorrow got in a light run- those not competing warmed up and hit a mile time trial plus a few sharp 200’s.

Thursday 11/13/14-light run

Wednesday 11/12/14-those competing this weekend hit 50-55 minutes and a few light 150’s, those not competing warmed up for 2 miles (SDS (8)) followed by 3 x 5 laps at G5k with 5 minutes rest.  1 mile down. ice bath after.

Tuesday 11/11/14kids got in visualization exercise followed by 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 600m (positive split) followed by 15-20 minutes at lt and 6-7 x 200m followed by CD, those who worked out yesterday got in 4-6 miles on grass followed by 8- 10 x 150 AND 1-2 MILES ON GRASS.

Monday 11/10/14-day started with 3 X 45s 100 UPS -most kids got in between 9-13 on grass and 6 x 150m .  A Few folks got in 3 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 12-16x 200m and 2 miles down.

Week #19(Week of 11/3/14)

Sunday 11/9/14-recovery run of between 50-60- min and strides.

Saturday 11/8/14-Sectionals! Ladies win for the 2nd year in a row!!!! Nikhil wins!!!!!

Friday 11/7/14-6-9 miles on grass and a few strides.

Thursday 11/6/14– very light day due to poor weather.

Wednesday 11/5/14-steady run followed by strides or JV States!

Tuesdsay 11/4/14- warmie followed by 10 x 200m 

Monday 11/3/14- 4 x 30 s 100 ups, run to community park (10-12mi) followed by 10 x 150m and 4 x 8 reps @ 150% BW