Week #15(Week of 10/6/14)

Sunday 10/12/14-practice at 7:30 am to accommodate SAT crowd, most kids got in the 17 x 300 m , Christina ran 6 x 800m @ 235/240/243/244/242/243

Saturday 10/11/14-those who could attend practice (massive SAT weekend blowout) got in 2 miles up, and either 17 x 300m with a 100m walk between OR (A Boys ) 8*800m on a 5 minute cycle in 232/227/226/224/225/225/226/225/, ladies hit 6 x 800m on  a 5:30 cycle in 244/247/241/244/247/241 quick cooldown.Nikhil went long today running 16.2 miles at 6 min/ mile.

 Friday 10/10/14-kids ran to Conover Park and completed a longish run of between 9-13 miles .

Thursday 10/9/14-Top dogs hit 30 minutes up followed by 5 (Nikhil hit 7) miles at MVOT, avg’ing abt 5 40-6 minute pace with a 60 s ‘focus rest”.  Nikhil led all with 7 x 1600m in 550/543/529/528/521/last two in spikes on track -450/448. .  Ladies were led by Christina and DCA$H in 625/617/623/617/621.  Developmental groups hit 20 min up SDS (8) 5 x 1000m on 6(a)-7(b) minute cycle. 2 miles down.

Wednesday 10/8/14– 4 miles to community park followed by abt 7 miles on grass loop return to school for 11 miles. Ladies hit 3 miles and 5 miles for abt 8.  Developmental groups hit between 4-5 ,iles on grass loop for between 7-8 on the day.

Tuesday 10/7/14-meet at MCP- 2 miles up- 3 miles fast- quick coolie.  top Guys hit an additional workout 19 minutes of 1 on / 1 off followed by 11 minutes easy.

Monday 10/6/14- Nikhil got in 4 miles up followed by 6 x cruise miles in 504/515/512/512/507 90 sec focus break, and 2 laps down, top ladies got in 3 miles up and 4 x cruise miles  in 613/610/610/612 and 18 x 100m and the rest of us got in 6 miles steady and 18 x 100m

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