Week #13(Week of 9/22/14)


Read and educate yourself!!!!

Saturday 9/27/14– top boys ran a conservative 16.5 at 6:20 / mile- gals ran 14.5 in 1:40- each completed 10 x 100m .  Bracey groups got in – A- 11 miles followed by 2 x 1 mile fast and 20 x 100m, B- 11 miles and 1 mile hard followed by 20x 100m

Friday 9/26/14– kids will run on their own to reach mileage goals!!!!! Most kids got in Montanas 30-36*300m on a 2:00/2:10 cycle. some of the top kids took a swing at the first Bowl Beater in awhile- conditions were hot but results were even notter.  Guys and Gals got in 30 steady minutes followed by SDS (8) and 2 miles at G5k, 4-60 s rest, hard 400, 40-60s rest and G 1600.  Nikhil led all in 9:24/67/5:06, Deirdre led the gals in 11:33/82/5:5x cooldown was a 10 minute jog followed by 20 x 100m on a 45 9dudes) – 60 s (ladies cycle) folks then squatted 4*30 reps at 85% BW

Wednesday 9/24/14– day started with a 30 minute wall sit (you heard it right…3- 0) and was followed by a 2 mile run to Conover Park and …. A Group boys – 11 loops for 11.5 miles, A Group Ladies got in 8 loops for 9.5 and Bracey’s groups got in 5 for 7.5.  Good day

Tuesday 9/23/14– most kids got in 2 miles up followed by 3 miles race a nd 1.5-3 miles down before running 20 x 100m.  Top ladies ran 45 minutes warm-up and top dogs ran 50 minute cooldown for between 7-11

Monday 9/22/14- most kids ran between 6-8 miles on grass, top duders hit 3 miels up then 6 developmental miles (6) on a 60 s rest cycle in , ladies hit 5 with a 2 mile warmie and both finished with 20 x 100m .  Squatters got in 4 x 12 reps at 150% BW

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