Week #12(Week of 9/15/14)


9/20/14– kids split into groups at TBP- top dogs led by Nippers hit 17.5 (plus 10 strides for 18)- (NPizzle hit 1:41XX (5:47-8), Zack, Sam, and Zabih nailed a 1:45 (6 flat), incredible performance.  Girls smoked 16.2 in 1:54!!!!!!!! (7:00/ miles) everyone else hit between 11.5-13.5 with a kicker and 10-20 x 100m. total mileage between 12.5-18.

9/19/14-light run preceded by core. total mileage 3.5-6

9/18/14-top dogs hit a HS version of Bill Dellinger’s famous Oregon, …2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by a 1200 with a positive split- (NP hit 66/71/74) followed by 10 k @ 6:00/ mi, and a 1200 at 74/71/66- a few laps down , ladies hit a similar workout with 4 miles at 7:15 pace in lieu of 10k. rest of the Pirates hit a great workout with Coach Siegle and Bracey at our special Montana locale- top group hit 30 x 300m on a 2:05 cycle, next group hit 24 x 300m on a 2:15 cycle. Squatters hit 3*34 reps at 80% BW

9/17/14-5 minutes of wall sits followed by 3 x 75 seconds of 100 ups and ran A group boys 10.5 miles at 6:30/mi, A Ladies (B Boys ) 8.5 miles at 7:15/mi and C Groups duders (B ladies) 6.5 miles.

9/16/14-kids ran at MCP- top dogs got in 5 miles up for extra miles, everyone else got in 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 5k race followed by 20 and 20 for between 7-11. Results for guys 9-16a , ladies 9-16b


9/15/14-top duders his 3-4 miles up and 5-6 developmental miles at- 6:00/550/540/530/520/ top ladies hit 630/620/610/600 all other hit 8 grass miles. cooldown of 20*100m -squatters squatted 3 sets of 8 reps at 150% BW

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