Week # 8 (Week of 8/18/14)

Friday 8/22/14– warmie followed by sprints with drills- kids hit squat regimen of 3*34 reps @ 70% BW

Thursday 8/21/14– kids ran between 60-70 minutes

Wednesday 8/20/14-pirates headed to Bell Mt for a long run- those not attending camp in A group hit 16 miles steady, everyone else hit between 11.5-12.7 miles.  Coaches ate well.

Tuesday 8/19/14-quick core followed by between 6-10 miles  and either 10 x 100m or 4 x 10 reps at 140% BW.

Monday 8/18/14- 10 minute shake out before the Pirates hit the 1 mile loop on the Greenway preserve.  Top dogs hit 11 miles (Nikhil led all in 66 min) Top ladies hit 9 in abt 68 .  B boys completed 9 as well.  C Boys and B ladies hit 7.  Cooldown was between 10-20 x 100m for between 8.5-13.


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