Week # 9 (Week of 8/25/14)

Friday 8/29/14-warmie followed by sprints and 4*34 reps at 70% BW squats

Thursday 8/28/14-run of between 6-12 miles in Bucks Co PA followed by our annual tube trib! great time had by all- best weather ever!!!!

Wednesday 8/27/14-long run of between 11.5-17.5 miles

Tuesday 8/26/14– kids hit between 6.2-7.2 mi;les before finishing 20 x 100m for between 7.2-8.2, Pirates followed this up with 4 x 15 squats at 140% BW.  Top dogs avg’d 6:16/mi for their run.

Monday 8/25/14-kids ran 30 min up , followed by stretch and drills.  then kids got in between 5.7-7.3 miles @ marathon pace followed by 20 x 100m for between 9-12

Week # 8 (Week of 8/18/14)

Friday 8/22/14– warmie followed by sprints with drills- kids hit squat regimen of 3*34 reps @ 70% BW

Thursday 8/21/14– kids ran between 60-70 minutes

Wednesday 8/20/14-pirates headed to Bell Mt for a long run- those not attending camp in A group hit 16 miles steady, everyone else hit between 11.5-12.7 miles.  Coaches ate well.

Tuesday 8/19/14-quick core followed by between 6-10 miles  and either 10 x 100m or 4 x 10 reps at 140% BW.

Monday 8/18/14- 10 minute shake out before the Pirates hit the 1 mile loop on the Greenway preserve.  Top dogs hit 11 miles (Nikhil led all in 66 min) Top ladies hit 9 in abt 68 .  B boys completed 9 as well.  C Boys and B ladies hit 7.  Cooldown was between 10-20 x 100m for between 8.5-13.


Week # 7 (Week of 8/11/14)

“There are two types of people in the world; givers and takers.  The takers sometimes eat better, but the givers always sleep better.” – Danny Thomas


Friday 8/15/14-3-4 miles up followed by SDS and …..12 x 100m with overunders and …coes, 100 ups, mountain climbers, burpees, froggies, and split squats followed by 2 laps down followed by 3 x 34 reps of 70% BW.


Wednesday 8/13/14-kids got to welcome Coach Bracey to the Pirate Family!!!! then proceeded to run…..A Boys- 16.5 and 10 strides for 17, B Boys and A Gals – 14.5 miles and 10 strides for 15, C Boys and B Gals- 11 miles and 10 strides for 11.5.

Tuesday 8/12/14-kids got in some core between 6- 10 miles followed by 4 sets of 7 reps at 140% BW

PRACTICE IS ON TODAY!!!! (8/13) Forecast predicts 0% chance of rain and 100%  o’ pain!!!

Monday 8/11/14- 30 minutes easy followed by a quick team meeting and stretching. Afterwards …

A Boys 8.25 miles in 1300m MCP loop – NP led all with 47 low. (5:42/ mi)

A Ladies hit 7.3 miles in 51 low (led by DCASH) 6:50ish pace.

B Boys also hit 7.3 and C Dudes (B Ladies) hit 6.5 miles hard!

coolie was 20 x 100m on grass for between 9-13

Week # 6 (Week of 8/5/14)

Friday 8/9/14-30 minutes (A Group 4.2) miles up- SDS (8) followed by 12 x 150m with over unders and drills- 2 laps down – squatters hit 4 x 25 reps of 70% BW

Thursday 8/8/14-timed run at Princeton Battlefield (60 minutes)  followed by 20 x 100m.  Top dogs ran another 20 minutes at 6:00/ mile and 20 x 100m for around 11.5

Wednesday 8/7/14-kids ran between 12 (11.5+ strides) and 17 (16.2 plus strides).  Top dogs avg’d 6:15/ mile

Tuesday 8/6/14-kids hit between 5-7 miles . Squatters got in 5 x 5 sets of squats at 140% BW.

Monday 8/5/14- 10 minutes shake out- followed by 6-10 miles at a good clip (Bason led all in around 64 hilly grassy loops at Greenway preserve, Top ladies hit 8 miles hard, B Boys hit 8 as well- B gals and C boys hit 6 good loops, cooldown was 20 x strides for between 8-12 on the morning.