Week #1 Week of 6/30/14

Friday 7/4/14-20 minutes up followed by SDS (8) and 10 x 100m with over unders and strength drills between each.  Drills worked in two sets of 5.  1. split squats (20 each leg), 2, 20 Burpees 3. 40 Coes, 4. 100 UPS (60 s) and 5. Mountain Climbers (50).  @ laps down.  Squatters hit 4 x 25 reps of 60% BW.

Thursday 7/3/14-50 minutes at Mercer Marina- top dogs tacked on an additional 10 minutes for 60.

Wednesday 7/2/14-1st long run of XC2014!!!! A Group Boys hit 11 miles, B Group dudes and A ladies hit 10, and C Group (B Ladies) hit 9.  Beginners hit between 5-7.

Tuesday 7/1/14-kids got in a few mile loops before taking part in their squat routine.

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