Week of 5/26/14


Saturday 5/31/14– NIKHIL PULIMOOD STATE CHAMPION 3200!!!!!!!!

Friday 5/30/14– either pre meet or compete at State Group 4

Champs! Christina Shatters school record with a 4:52!!!! Deirdre advances in 4:56!!! Girls obliterate county record with a 9:06

Thursday 5/29/14– either pre meet or 45-50 minutes followed by a fast 200 and 2 laps easy.

Wednesday 5/28/14– easy mileage .

Tuesday 5/27/14-either pre meet or 4 miles followed by …

Ladies- 8 x 200m and a few laps down before hitting 2 x 7 reps at 120% BW and 10 light squats concentrating on form.  Guys got in 600m at 3200 pace followed by 2 miles at lt and 3 x 200m.

Monday 5/26/14-Memorial Day , kids met at TBP 9:00 am for 9-13 miles of steady running followed by 12 x 100m.  MD crowd got in 7 miles followed by 8*200 @ GMP and a short cooldown.

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