Sunday 5/18/14- off or 60 minutes steady (FS comp)

Saturday 5/17/14-10 miles steady on TP or F/ S meet

Friday 5/16/14- regeneration run followed by squats (4 x 15 @ 110 BW)

Thursday 5/15/14- Holmdel Twilight, a few others (Rancs and Hesters) got in 40 min steady followed by SDS (8) and 1 on 1 off for 13 minutes followed by 10 minutes and 100 x 100m.

Wednesday 5/14/14- longer aerobic run.

Tuesday 5/13/14- either met vs Norf or longer aerobic run.

Monday 5/12/14- either 6*400m on a short cycle or steady run to get ready for tomorrows duel vs Norf.

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