Week of 3/3/14-

Saturday 3/8/14– 7:30 practice at High School South!!!!!!  For those who have SAT please complete 70 (MD)- 90 (LD) minutes at maintenance pace followed by 20 x 100m!!!!! Kids ran between 9.7-12.7 miles followed by 20 x 100m

Friday 3/7/14-kids went through their new warm-up routine and got in between 400-800m of specificity before embarking on 12 x 75m sprints with over unders, 2 laps down- squatters got in 3 x 10 reps at 80% BW.  DMR crew got in 600m- 800m at ‘dream pace’ (1:47.5-2:23 (2:29 in traffic)

Monday 3/3/14– Colder than heck out- guys n gals persevered and got in 2 miles up followed by ….A Boys- 32*370 on a 1:55 cycle B boys and A girls 24*370 on a 2:15 cycle. MD got in 22 x 370m on a 1:55 cycle. easy cooldown. Way to gut it out guys!

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