Week of 1/27/14

Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.

Saturday 2/1/14– Practice at 8:30 am HSS- kids got in between 10-12 miles.  MD groups got in 7.2 miles (last 5 miles at 6:00 (Dudes)-6:30 pace(Edlyn)) followed by 20 x 100m.  Good day- finally a bit of a thaw.

Friday 1/31/14– Practice at 3:00 HSS- 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by ….LD Boys- 4 x 800/400 (2:20/65) , ladies hit 3 x 600/400 . MD groups hit 500/300x 2 followed by 4 x 200m.  1 mile comedown followed by 3 x 10 reps of squats at 70% BW

Thursday 1/30/14– either Peddie Meet or for those who competed yesterday….core followed by 2-3 miles up and ….

A Boys – 5 x mile in 5:20-25 avg with 250m jog rest

A Girls 4 x 1600 in 6:05 avg (last 5:57)

MD Ladies cut down miles 6:15/6:00/5:50

MD Dudes 6:00/5:40/5:20

Cooldown 1 mile- MD group hit 15-20 x 100m upon return.

Wednesday 1/29/14– either premeet or 800m race at Poreda.

Tuesday 1/28/14-inside (temp 15 and windy) those competing Wednesday got in steady mileage.  Those competing Thursday got in 20 minutes up- and progressive runs in segments.  A boys got in 20 minutes (7-7-6) MD got in 2 miles + in 12 minutes.  Cooldown

Monday 1/27/14-kids got in 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by…..

A-10 x 370m on a 2 minute cycle.

B-8 x 370 on a 2:15 cycle.

C- 6 x 370 on a 2:30 cycle.

2 laps down.  LD groups got in between 55(ladies) and 60 (dudes) at MT pace followed by 16 x 100m. MD groups hit 45 minutes at MT pace followed by 20 x 100m. Squat group got in 3* 10 reps at 70% BW.

Week of 1/20/14

Sunday 1/26/14– kids run great!!!! Jake and Karn win county titles!!!!!!!! Dierdre shatters indoor 1600m mark- leads girls to 2-3-4 finish in 800m, Christina guts out 3rd for a great triple!!!!!!!

Saturday 1/25/14-either pre meet or longish run of between 8-10ish miles. and 20 strides.

Friday 1/24/14– horrible weather- 15 minutes up followed by SDS and 20 x 100m.  Those racing Sunday got in steady distance.

Thursday 1/23/14-steady running followed by squat regimen (3*10 reps at 60%)

Wednesday 1/22/14– NO PRACTICE, MEET, OR SCHOOL.  OK- this is just about a worst-case scenario.  If you have access to a treadmill please get in a run.  If you don’t have a treadmill you need to run a MAXIMUM OF 20 MINUTES outside on cleared sidewalks- bundle up!!! Be safe!!!! do a bunch of core!!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday 1/21/14-get in a run OYO! Be safe, if you have access to a treadmill use it- if not stay on sidewalks!!!!!! Scheduled run was 20 minutes steady 20 minutes ‘progressive’.

Monday 1/20/14- kids in 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by…

Karn and Nikhil- 8k in 26 high (5:24 pace).  Top dev. dogs got in 20*400 (2:10), 16*400 (2:25) and 14 x 400m (2:40).  Top ladies got in 2*3200m in 12:15/12:20.  and 1 fast 300m.  Edlyn and Penny hit 2 miles at lt, followed by 1.25 miles at lt and 3 x 300m.  MD guys hit 9 x 300m EMH and Jake and Zabih hit 3200m in 11:20 followed by 3 x 300m in 46/43/40.  everyone hit 2 laps down and the squatters got in 4 x 60% bw x 20 reps.

Week of 1/13/14

State Relays Split Sheets

State Relays 2014
State Relays 2014


Sunday 1/19/14-those who competed at States need to get in a run of between 6-10 miles!!!!!!

Saturday 1/18/14-top dogs got in 13.5 miles at abt 6:20-25 pace followed by 8 strides.  Top ladies got in 11.5 miles in between 6:45-7:00/ mile followed by 8 x 100m.  MD group got in 7.5 miles followed by 2 x 1 mile @ 80% and 20 x 100m

Friday 1/17/14-2 miles up- SDS (8) 1200m time trial followed by 2 laps easy and 10 x 75 m sprints over hurdles.  Those who competed yesterday got in 6-10 miles on grass and squats. Ladies who competed ran great! Girls DMR got 3rd and ran the 2nd fastest DMR ever at South indoors (# 112:16 2011 team) and kids came back and ran 5th in 4 x 8 in 9:45!!!!

Thursday 1/16/14-kids got in between 5-9 miles on grass followed by 20 x 100m.  A few Pirates competed with honor at the State Relays placing in both the DMR (3rd) and the 4×8 (5th). Ladies competing at State Relays got in a pre meet jog.

Wednesday 1/15/14-those competing at the state relays got in a run of 2(duders)-7(ladies) miles and 10 x 150m strides.  Those not competing got in 2.2 miles up, 4 miles hard (led by Sam Williams in 22:15) (abt 5:34 pace) and around 27:20 for Alex and Allie (abt 6:45 pace) . 1 mile cooldown.  Squatters be squattin- 3*20 reps at 60% bw.

Tuesday 1/14/14– kids got in 2 x 3:00 of partner situps followed by 2 x 60 seconds of 100 ups. This followed by 2-3 miles warmie followed by 2-3 miles of progressive running led by Sam, Tim, and Zach in 17:22. good day- rainy miserable weather.

Monday 1/13/14-  kids got in 2 miles up- SDS before embarking on…

A Group Duders 22*400m (2:15 c)

B Group 18*400m (2:30 c)

C Group 16*400m (2:45 c)

Karn and Deirdre got in 3 x 600m on a 3:45-4:00 cycle followed by 4 x 200m

MD Group not competing this weekend got in 2 sets of 6x300m 100m jog rest.  400m jog between sets.

MD group competing at states got in 400m, 30 sec/ 200m – 400 jog- 4x 300m .

Everyone finished with 3 sets of 20 reps of 60% BW.

Week of 1/6/14

Sunday 1/12/14-kids ran between 80(ladies) and 90  (dudes) minutes on grass.

Saturday 1/11/14-8:00 am practice of 10-14.5 miles Others competed at Lavino Relays where girls WON DMR- boys raced tough at all distances!!!! Good day!!!

Friday 1/10/14-either pre meet or power- warmie followed by 4 sets of 150-100-50 with drills. Some raced at Peddie!

Thursday 1/9/14-4.2 miles and 2 grass lops for most- top dogs and ladies got in between 60-65 minutes on grass

Wednesday 1/8/14– kids headed down to Conover Park for some steady state runs- top dogs hit 5 miles at a good clip- everyone else hit 4.5 miles.  Kids finished with 300m kicker and some squats (3*15 reps at 60% BW)

Tuesday 1/7/14- 2 x 3:00 of partner core followed by 3 x 60 sec of 100 ups. Developmental groups hit 15 minutes warmie followed by 15-20 minutes at lt and 1 miles down for between 5-6.  Top Distance dogs hit 2 miles up- 20 minutes at lt- 1-2 miles down for abt 6.5-7.5. MD group hit 2 miles up followed by 2 x 8 minutes at lt and 1 miles down.

Monday 1/6/14-  kids got in 2 miles up – SDS (8) followed by …

Dev Group a- 16 x 400m (2:10) b- 12 x 400m (2:25c) c- 10 x 400m (2:40 c)

A Boys and A ladies hit 5 x 600 on a 4:00-4:30 cycle foloowed by a 200m kicker – 1 miles down and 3 sets of 15 reps at 60% of BW.

Week of 12/30/13

Saturday 1/4/13– 8:30 practice at HSS!!!!!!!! PRACTICE WILL BE INDOORS!!!!!! kids got in between 8-12 miles of indoor running.

Friday 1/3/13– Your assignments are as follows!!!!!

Group Ladies Dudes
A 60 minutes (last 10 minutes hard!!)and 18 x 100m 65 minutes (last 15 minutes hard) and 18 x 100m
B 50 minutes (last 10 min. hard) and 18 x 100m 55 minutes (last 10 min. hard)  and 18 x 100m
C 45 minutes (last 10 min. hard)  and 10 x 100m 45 minutes (last 10 min. hard)  and 10 x 100m
MD 20 minutes easy/ 10 minutes hard/ 10 minutes easy- 20 x 100m 20 minutes easy/ 10 minutes hard/ 10 minutes easy- 20 x 100m

Thursday 1/2/13– kids started the day with a quick team meeting, 2x 2.5 minutes of sit ups followed by 2 x 60 seconds of 100 ups. followed by between 6-10 miles on grass. Colder then heck out.

Wednesday 1/1/14– Happy New Year!!! D CA$H wins her age group at Hamilton Hangover!

Tuesday 12/31/13– kids ran 2.2 miles to Conover Park followed by progressive runs of between 4.5-5 miles.  MD group finished with a fast 300- everyone else hit 12*100m

Monday 12/30/13- 2 miles up (sds(8) followed by…. A- (boys and girls) painters ladder of 200/400/600/800/600/400/200 at GMP- rest matched duration of last rep. MD group hit 2 x 500- 200-100 with abt 30 secs rest between each rep and 400m jog between sets. D groups hit

a- 20*400m 2:20 c

b- 16*400m (2:35)

c- 14*400m (2:50c)

squats followed of 3*10 reps of 60% BW.