Week of 12/16/13

Sunday 12/22/13*-run to meet mileage goals.

Saturday 12/21/13– Pirates in Ice!!!- run of between 9.5-16.2 miles followed by strides (20) .  Top dogs hit 16.2 , top ladies hit 13.5!!!!

Friday 12/20/13– Princeton Dev. Meet- some great performances!

Thursday 12/19/13– timed run (40-60) followed by 10 x 100m.

Wednesday 12/18/13-2.2 miles up followed by 4.5 – 5 miles at lt followed by a 300m for the top group and 2 laps down- some got in 4 x10 reps of  50% BW squats.

Tuesday 12/17/13-core followed by…had to be indoors on 275m loop- top dogs got in 3 miles at MT followed by 3 miles at LT, same with top chicas! MD group hit 2 miles up followed by 2 miles hard. Dev group- hit 20 minutes at mant pace followed by 20 minutes progressive- B and C groups got in 15 minutes @ Maint. pace- 5 minutes coolie .

Monday 12/16/13-kids got in 15 minutes up- SD followed by

A- 16 x 400m (2:15 c) followed by 700m FAST

A Girls 12 x 400m followed by 700m fast

MD Duders hit 9*300m on a 1:45 c

Dev groups hit between 10-16* 400m on a 2:20-2:55 cycle. 2 laps down and 4 x 10 resps of 50% BW squats.

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