Week of 11/18/13

Sunday 11/24/13-kids got in between 8-10 miles.

Saturday 11/23/13– MOC- Vinci runs #2 ALL-TIME- Pirate Boys 1st public school!!! Ladies – Rancan leads to best finish in school history!!!! Rancan also runs fastest Non- Kellner  finish ever for a Pirate!!!!!!!!!

Friday 11/22/13-pre meet

Thursday 11/21/13-those competing this weekend got it 40 minutes steady and 150m sprint followed by 2 laps easy. Those getting ready for this weekend got in 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by a race sim.  2 miles at G5k followed by a 2 minute wallsit and 1 mile all out.  Zach led all with 10:24/ 5:15, Fleres led the gals in 13:32/6:43. 2 laps and 8 x 100m coolie.

Wednesday 11/20/13-3-4 miles on grass- 17-19 minutes at 65% AC, quick cooldown.


Tuesday 11/19/13-kids warmed up 4-5 miles SDS (8) followed by a quick walkthru- 800m at RP- 1.5 miles at LT and a cooldown.

Monday 11/18/13- girls hit 8.7 miles and 20 x 100m for 10.  Duders hit 11 and 20 x 100m for 12.

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