Week of 10/28/13

GET FORMS IN!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday 11/2/13– 8:00 am practice!!!!! Top dogs hit 11 miles at around 6:10 pace and finished with 2 x 800m at around 2:25/2:25 with abt 60 seconds rest, finished with 20 x 100m for 13.  Ladies hit 10 miles at 7:15 pave followed by 800m in 2:38-40 and 20 x 100m. for 12.

Friday 11/1/13-kids ran 3 miles to Community park then got in 4-6 miles on grass before returning to high school for 16 x 100m for between 8-10.

Halloween 2013– kids hit between 3- 4 miles up followed by SDS (8) and 6 x 800m on a short rest.  2-3 miles down for between 8-10.

Tough dudes.

Wednesday 10/30/13-kids hit 6 min wallsit, partner situps and 2x 1 min 100ups. followed by 45-60 minutes – a fast 600 (led by DCASH in 1:46), 2 laps easy and 8 x 100m for between 7-10.

Tuesday 10/29/13-top dogs and debs hit 6:00 wall sit followed by partner set ups and 100 ups. Guys hit 4 miles, ladies hit 3 miles warmie to community park.  From there kids hit 5*1000m at 5k race pace, cooldown was 800m -2 miles followed by 20*100m for between 7.5-10 on the day. Top dogs hit 316/312/313/312/312, boys b hit 318/320/316/322/311(swilliams!!!) ladies hit 343/343/350/335/333.  Good day.

Monday 10/28/13-kids got in 2-3 miles up before cutdowns.

Top dogs hit 5:40/530/520/510/500/450 with 60 seconds between each, 2nd group hit 550/540/517/520/517, ladies hit 619/610/600/553/536(dcash) and B ladies hit 630/630/616/612. coolie was a quick jog followed by 20 x 100m (8 for the ladies)

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