Week of 10/21/13

GUYS WIN 4TH STRAIGHT COUNTY CHAMPS!!!! Gals hit 2nd in a row!!!!!!!!!

2013 County Champs!!!!!

Saturday 10/26/13-top dogs hit 14.5 at 6:15 pace finishing with a 5:20 mile.  8 x 100m for 15.  Ladies hit 12 miles finishing with a 2:50 last 800 and 8 x 100m for 13ish

Friday 10/25/13– 2 miles up followed by 5 k race and between 3-5 collie for between 6-10.

Thursday 10/24/13– kids watched long Green line and got in 20 minutes

Wednesday 10/23/13-kids watched long green line and ran 40 minutes.

Tuesday 10/22/13– core followed by 3 miles up and 2-4 miles 800m coolie followed by 20 x 100m. for between 6-8.5 on the day.

Monday 10/21/13-  top dogs and doggettes hit 2-3 miles up followed by dev miles – dudes hit reps at 5:45/5:35/5:25/5:15 (1-3) and reps of 5:55/5:45/5:35/5:25 for 4-8.  Top ladies (1-5) hit 6:20/6:10/6:00.  Everyone was on a 60 sec rest cycle. Cooldown was 1.5 miles for the ladies and 1 miles and 20 x 100m for the dudes.

Everyone else hit 4 x 800m on a 5-6 minute rest cycle- top dogs hit 2:25/2:28/2:30/2:30.  Allie b led the ladies.  Cooldown for everyone was 2 laps and 8 x 100m.  Kids looked GOOOOD.

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