Week of 10/14/13-

Saturday 10/19/13– A boys hit 14.5 in 85:18 minutes (last mi,le 5:18) 8x 100m for 15.  B group hit 11.5+8*100m, 6 group hit 7.5+ 24*100m .  A group ladies hit 11.5 with a 800 kicker (2:47) and 8*100m

Friday 10/18/13– 5-10 miles on grass.

Thursday 10/17/13– top diggity dogs got in 3 miles up 5 x a mile in 5:05-6 with a minute rest, and 2 miles down for 10- 2nd A group guys got in 5 x 1 mile in 5:20 with the same rest.  Top ladies got in 5 x 1200m in 4:25 with a 60 sec rest, warmie and coolie gave them 8.  Most kids got in 2 miles up- 5 x 100m on a 5-6 min cycle and 1.25 miles down for a total of 6.5ish.

Wednesday 10/16/13- 3 miles up followed by 5-7 miles led by the top dogs in 39:40 (5:40/ mile) quick jog followed by 20 x 100m for 9-11.

Tuesday 10/15/13-Meet at W-Xing.  Results——->Copy of dualmeetscoresheet

Monday 10/14/13-top dogs hit 3 miles up, and developmental miles of 5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10/5:00, 2nd group went down from 6:00 to 5:10, 20 x 100m made it 10. Ladies hit dev miles from 6:20/6:10/6:00 then disappeared for a long timer and came back to run 5:47 for the last one..  Everyone else hit 5-7 grass miles followed by 20 x 100m.

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