Week of 9/30/13 (Week 14)

Sunday 10/6/13– kids got in their mileage benchmarks (6-10 miles)

Saturday 10/5/13- kids got in….8.5 miles plus one mile at HARD (Yuta Chung led all in 5:25 ish) followed by 32 x 100m.  B gals and C dudes got in 6 miles plus 32 x 100m for a total of between 8-11.5.  Rest competed at Shore Coaches! some great performances!!!

Friday 10/4/13– kids either got in a pre meet run or 60 minutes and 20 x 100m

Thursday 10/3/12-kids got in a few miles of running before embarking on 5 x 1000m on a 6-7 minute cycle., coolie was a small jog and 20 x 100m. Those running SC got in a light jog and strides.

Wednesday 10/2/13– kids hit 6 :00 wall sit followed by 2:00 minutes of paired sit ups, followed by 2:00 100 ups.

A Boys- 7 grass loops followed by 1.5 miles in 7:47 followed by 2 laps and 20 x 100m for 10. A ladies hit 6 grass loops followed by 1 miles at 5:55-6:30 and 16 x 100m.

Boys B hit 8 grass loops plus 20 x 100m (10 laps of ins and outs)

C Boys and B gals hit 5 grass loops and 20 x 100m.

Tuesday 10/1/13– 2-5 miles up, 5k race followed by 1-2 miles down for between 6-10 on the day.10/1/13 <——-Results HERE!!!

Monday 9/30/13- most kids got between 6-8 miles followed by 16 x 100m.  Top dogs and dogettes got in 25 minutes up and DM of 6:00/5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10 with 60 sec rest.  Ladies attempted a similar workout of 6:25/6:15/6:05/:5:55/5:45 but didnt get very far. 20 x 100m coolie.

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