Week of 9/2/13 (Week 10)

Saturday 9/7/13 -Practice at 7:30 HSS!!! Bus trip to Bell Mt. Estimated return to be 12:00!!!!

Friday 9/6/13– MONTANA S!!!!! 10 minute wall sit followed by 1.75 mi. warm-up and SD.

A Boys 36*300m on a 2:00 cycle.

B BOYS (A LADIES)-26*300M (2:00)

C BOYS (B LADIES) 20X 300M (2:20 (DUDES)- 2:30 CYCLE)

1.75 miles down for between 7.25-10.25


Thursday 9/5/13– Practice at 8:00 am at Turning Basin Park  for anyone who doesn’t have religious obligations! For everyone else- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! A Boys got in 10 miles in abt 63 minutes- A gals aimed for 63 minutes for 9 miles and everyone else got in 9 miles at a relaxed pace.

Wednesday 9/4/13– quick meeting followed by 2.2 up and a quick stretch- followed by…

A- 6 miles at 6 minutes per mile (top 4 hit 35:30/ Sam hit 36:08- Zabih (36:36)

B(a)- 5 miles at 75% (Edylyn led the ladies in 34 and change)

C- finish the loop!!!!

A and B finished with a mile of 100m strides for a total of between 7.2-9.2 on the day.

Tuesday 9/3/13– 10 minutes of wall sits followed by nutcrackers, and abs before heading off for 30-40 minutes of running followed by…..

A-developmental miles on the track in 6:20/6:10/6:00/5:50- 1 minute rest between each.

B(a)-4 x mile in 7:00/6:50/6:40/6:30- 1 minute rest.

C(b)- 3 grass loops.

Everyone finished with 20 x 100m to total between 7-10.

Monday 9/2/13- Happy Labor Day (You guys better have gotten your run in!!!)