Week of 8/19/13 (Week 8)

 Kids!!! Please have your parents fill out THIS form for next Thursday’s tubing trip.

Friday 8/23/13– kids got in 20-25 x 150m hill or returned from Camp!

Thursday 8/22/13–  core and stetching til the storm passed then broke into groups

A-9 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 10

B (a)-7 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 8

C(b)-5 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 6

Wednesday 8/21/13-A Group dudes hit 16.2 miles and 16 x 100m for 17.2!!!!!, B dudes and 8 group ladies hit 13.5 + 16x 100m and C group Dudes and B group ladies hit 7-11.5 miles and 16 x 100m.

Tuesday 8/20/13– kids got in some core followed by a trip to Tyler State aprk for some relaxed running (40-70:00) followed by 25 x 100m strides for a total of 7-10.5 miles

Monday 8/19/13- kids either went to camp or hit 23 minutes up followed by stretching and drills. After which the Pirates hit 700m loop in the Institute woods for 45 minutes. Vinci led all with around 5:52 pace, Cooldown was a short jog and 20 x 100m for between 8-11.5.