Week of 8/5/13 (Week 6)

Friday 8/9/13-2.5 miles up, polite stretching followed by ..

A Group Dudes- 25*150m hill.

B and C Boys and all Girls- 20*150m hill, 2.5 down.

Thursday 8/8/13-timed run following core.

Wednesday 8/7/13– Big long run.

*Weds  *towpath- A Boys and Deidre- Lock and Bridge-  8.1 miles (16.2)- no

B Boys and A Girls- 1st Canal Bridge- 6.7 (13.5ish)- No strides
C Boys and B Girls -Rocky Hill 5.7 miles  (11.5 miles)- No strides

Tuesday 8/6/13-leg circuit followed by loops and lower leg lifting for some.

Monday 8/5/13- Princeton Battlefield – kifds warmed up 20 minutes then….

A Group and Diedre- hit 45 minutes hard on the loop- kids should count how
many loops they do in 45 minutes then multiply that by the distance of your
loop to find out how long they got.
B and C Group and A and B girlies- 40 minutes. Cooldown was 15
minutes and 20 x 100m on battlefield.