Week of 7/15/13 (Week 3)

Friday 7/19/13– 2.5 miles up- 14-18 x 150m hill, 2.5 miles down.

Thursday 7/18/13– timed run followed by core.

Wednesday 7/17/13– HYDRATE! WE’RE GETTING AFTER IT ! we did get after it- A group hit 13.5 and 8 x 100m, B Group (A ladies) hit 11.5 plus 8 x 100m and C Boys (B Girls) hit 7 miles and 8 x 100m.  Great day lots of tough kids out there today!!!!!!

Tuesday 7/16/13– kids got in 5 minutes of wall sits, mountain climbers, free squats and then hit 50 minutes or 7.2 miles (Boys A) before hitting 16 x 100m on a 30 sec cycle.  Good day!!!!!!

Monday 7/15/13– kids met at the Greenway Preserve for the first time in a year! Mile loop was open for business! Kids got in 20 minutes up followed by Stretch and quick drills.  Assignments then followed

A Boys and Diggity Casey-5 miles at 75% (Nikhil led all in 31 low)

B Boys and Girls A- 4 miles

C Boys and B Girls- 3 miles, cooldown was 5 minutes easy and 10 x strides on grass.