Week of 5/27/13


Friday 6/1/13– DAN WINS MILE!!!!!!!, DEIDRE PLACES 4TH IN MILE!!!! GIRLS 4 X 800 go off!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 5/30/13– pre meet.

Wednesday 5/29/13– steady run and easy 150’s

Tuesday 5/28/13– 10 minutes of core and stretching followed by 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 200-1600 (LT) 200 followed by two miles down for a total of 6

Monday 5/27/13- kids ran between 7.5-9 miles before hitting 1 mile at threshold and 20 x 100m

Week of 5/20/13-

Sunday 5/26/13– recovery run and 20 x 100m

Saturday 5/25/13– Sectionals Day 2- DAN RIFF doubles! EDDISON WINS 800 AS PIRATES SWEEP DISTANCES!!!!!

Friday 5/24/13 – Sectionals Day 1, Dan Riff wins 1600m!!!!!

Thursday 5/23/13– medium length run

Wednesday 5/22/13– kids ran a medium length run followed by a few easy 200’s.

Tuesday 5/21/13– core , 2.2 miles up followed by a quick stretch and (LD Boys) 5 miles at 5:48/ mile and 12 x 100m coolie, MD and ladies hit 4.3 miles at MP followed by 12 x 100m

Monday 5/20/13– kids get in 2 miles up – quick SDS (8) followed by 4*400m on a 1:50 cycle.  Top dogs avg’d 62.  3- 4.2 miles coolie!!

Week of 5/13/13

Saturday 5/18/13– kids got together at the Towpath – got in 7.5 (ladies and MD Boys) followed by 2 x mile at MP / LT and 8 x 100m, or LD- who got in 11.5 miles and 1 mile at LT followed by 8 x 100m.  TIMMY B BREAKS BRIAN SCHOEPFER’S MEET RECORD!!!!! SAM WINS MILE, ZABIB 2ND IN 800M!!!! PULIMOOD SWEEPS AND CROSSEY GETS UP FOR 2ND IN MILE!!!!!

Friday 5/17/13– kids got in either a longish recovery run or competed at the ladies freshman sophomore!!!! Rancan triples!!!!!! Edelyn PR’s!!!!!

Thursday 5/16/13– incredible night- congrats Pirates! RESULTS here

Wednesday 5/15/13– pre meet for Thursday’s twilight!!!!! 4-5 miles and strides.

Tuesday 5/14/13– 2.2 miles up followed by between 4-5 miles at 75%.  Top dogs hit 5:54 pace- everyone finished with 12 strides for between 7-8 on the day.

Monday 5/13/13- double thirteens! Bad luck didn’t dissuade the Pirates from getting in(2-3) miles up SDS(8) followed by 4 x 400m on a 2 minute cycle. Top dogs avg’d 62 or so coolie was 2 miles down.

Week of 5/6/13


Sunday 5/12/13-

Saturday 5/11/13- 8:30 practice at TBP!!!!!


Friday 5/10/13- either pre meet (LD 6 grass miles and a fast 150-MD 4 grass loops and fast 150)or 2 miles up SDS (8) followed by 1200m time trial- (led by a very loose Jeffro Chen (3:17)) followed by 12-14 x sprints alternating between 100m and 50m.  Overunders between each- 2 laps down.

Thursday 5/9/13-core followed by 50 minute run!!!

Wednesday 5/8/13- core followed by hamstring stretches and 3 miles up followed by 3 miles progressive-top dogs hit 15:50, everyone then jogged to track and hit 8 x 200m at GMP with a 100m walk- 2 laps down

Tuesday 5/7/13-those who didn’t compete got in either (a- group) 2.2 miles up- 5 miles at 5:30 pace, 3 laps and 12 x 100m or 6 miles up-tempo.  Those who competed ran a duel at Steinert.

Monday 5/6/13- 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 5 x 400m on a 2:30 cycle, top group avg’d 60-61 in trainers, MD avg’d slightly faster in spikes. top dogs hit 3 miles and 8 strides down coolie- top ladies hit 2 miles down.