Week of 4/29/13-

Sunday 5/5/13– recovery run of between 50-70 minutes and a mile of strides.

Girls 4 x 800m break school and meet record at Mercer relays!!!!!!! Boys 4 x 800m victorious!!!!! Dan Riff rips a 15:06 5k FTW!!!!!!

Saturday 5/4/13– those who competed last nigth got in either ….11.5 miles and 8 x 100m or 7.5 miles plus 1 mile at 90 % and 16 x 100m .


Pirates go nuts in Holmdel!!!!! Sam Williams breaks all time frosh 3200m record!!!!!! Timmy B right behind!!!!!! Allesandra pr’s !!!!! Vinci Karn and Toobers run #’s 5,6 and 11 ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!

Friday 5/3/13– either kids got in an epic night of 3200’s or got in a pre meet for Saturday- a few brave souls completed their sprint workouts (4 sets of 150-100-50 w drills.)

Thursday 5/2/13– kids got in either pre meet (2.2 miles up- SFDS (8) followed by 2.2 down or int he case of those running Saturday got in 6-7.25 followed by 8-10*150m

Wednesday 5/1/13– kids hit either a 4.2 mile run followed by 25 x 100m or 2 miles up followed by some really impressive duel meet performances.  3 Pirates under 4:25!!!! 4 under 4:32!!!! 6 guys under 2:04! Penny and Deidre with impressive doubles!!!!!  Triple A kick butt! XINRAN pr’s with 12:08!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/30/13- kids either hit 45-50 minutes steady (if competing weds) or 3 miles up and 3 miles progressive followed by form 150’s.

Monday 4/29/13– 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 6 x 400m on  a 3 minute cycle.  Top group avg’d 61 seconds. 2 laps down and group core.