Week of 4/22/13

Saturday 4/27/13– 2 miles up followed by 9-10 miles time trial. Dan Riff led all in 54:30!!! Vinci not far behind.  Deidre led the ladies in 69:change.  everyone finished with 1 mile down.

Friday 4/26/13– – either a rough day in Pennsylvania or 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 3 sets of 200/150/100/50, 2 laps down

Thursday 4/25/13– pre meet for Penn crowd or timed run plus a few strides over 150m

Wednesday 4/24/13– 400’s!!!!! cutdowns- everyone hit 2 miles up- and 8 x 400m on a 4 minute cycle- Vinc led all in around 59 avg.

Tuesday 4/23/13 homeboys and homegirls got in 3 miles up followed by 3 miles progressive and 10 x 150m for around 7 on the day.

Monday 4/22/13- everyone got to compete at the Lawrence Duel- everyone competed great!!! Guys and Gals get wins over tough ND teams!!!!!