Week of 4/15/13-

Sunday 4/21/13– those who competed Saturday hit between 50-70 minutes and a mile of strides.

Saturday 4/20/13– most kids got in 10-11 miles at Maintenance pace followed by a mile of strides. Some kicked butt at the Mercer County relays- Pirates took 5/6 possible victories in the distance categories,, great day.

Friday 4/19/13– kids hit 2 miles up, SDS (8) and 3-4 sets of 200/150/100 with overunders, 1 mile cooldown

Thursday 4/18/13– kids hit a medium length run followed by 10 x 150m.

Wednesday 4/17/13– those who didn’t compete ran 4.25 miles and 32 x 100m, those who did kicked butt!!!! Toby 2:00/ 53.3 !!!! Zabib 2:02!!!!!!! Winston 4:44!!!!!! Crossey 10:46!!!! Two frosh under 4:50!!!! The return of Dan Wang!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/16/13-50 minutes followed by a fast 200 and a few strides.

Monday 4/15/13 1.6 miles up to Jacob Rd. SDS (8) A Group ladies hit 16x 400m on a 2:00 cycle, B group ladies hit 12 x 400m (2:10).  A group duders hit 16 x 400m on a 1:40 cycle.  , B group hit 14 xd 400m on a 1:50 cycle, and C group guys hit 12 x 400m on a 2:00 cycle.  Great day!!!! 1.6 miles down. Last Bulk 400m day!!!!! Congrats to thjose of you who saw this whole thing through- how many of you can remember this?….”Monday 12/3/12- core followed by 2 miles up- S/D/S(8)- top dogs hit 50% of goal distance at 100% goal pace followed by either 14*400 on a 2:20-3:00 cycle or (in MD case) 14*200m on a 70-80 seconds cycle.”