Week of 4/8/13

Saturday 4/13/13-2 miles easy before hitting time trials between 9-10 miles. Dan Riff led the way in 56 and change (on record pace until last 4.5) Diedre led the ladies in around 71.  Not bad for muddy conditions.  5 or so guys under 60!!!! one mile cooldown for between 12-13 on the morning.

Friday 4/12-13-easy 6 mile run.

Thursday 4/11/13- 2 miles up, SDS (8) 1 mile time trial!!!! unofficial BOYS COUNT IS 24 under 5!!!!! it’s gonna be a record year!!!!! followed by 12 x 100m.  Top Distance hogs got in a drill (1200m (3:10 / 400m 60 ) 52 seconds rest between each. Guys finished with 7 x 300m at GMP.  MD guys hit 600m/ 200, with 40 seconds rest, Eddison hit 1:20/26, followed by the same 7 x 300m.

Wednesday 4/10/13- 2.2 miles up, 5 miles @ LT, 12 x 100m .

Tuesday 4/9/13– either 40 minute run and hurdle help- or duel vs Allentown- some great performances- Penny continues to impress, Kelvin and JACK barely miss the 5 minute barrier- while Timmy B runs 4:52!!!!!!!! Now lets GO!!

Monday 4/8/13- 2 miles up followed by SDS (8) penultimate bulk quarter day!!!!! Top dogs hit 20 x 400m on a 1:45 (girls 2:05) cycle.  B Group (Girls A) hit 18 x 400m (1:55c), C group hits 12 x 400m (2:05c/ 2:15 for ladies). Riffs hit cut downs at GMP , 1100*900*700*500*300- rest half distance jog of last rep. MD hit 550-450-350-250-150.  Coolie of 2 laps down.