Week of 4/29/13-

Sunday 5/5/13– recovery run of between 50-70 minutes and a mile of strides.

Girls 4 x 800m break school and meet record at Mercer relays!!!!!!! Boys 4 x 800m victorious!!!!! Dan Riff rips a 15:06 5k FTW!!!!!!

Saturday 5/4/13– those who competed last nigth got in either ….11.5 miles and 8 x 100m or 7.5 miles plus 1 mile at 90 % and 16 x 100m .


Pirates go nuts in Holmdel!!!!! Sam Williams breaks all time frosh 3200m record!!!!!! Timmy B right behind!!!!!! Allesandra pr’s !!!!! Vinci Karn and Toobers run #’s 5,6 and 11 ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!

Friday 5/3/13– either kids got in an epic night of 3200’s or got in a pre meet for Saturday- a few brave souls completed their sprint workouts (4 sets of 150-100-50 w drills.)

Thursday 5/2/13– kids got in either pre meet (2.2 miles up- SFDS (8) followed by 2.2 down or int he case of those running Saturday got in 6-7.25 followed by 8-10*150m

Wednesday 5/1/13– kids hit either a 4.2 mile run followed by 25 x 100m or 2 miles up followed by some really impressive duel meet performances.  3 Pirates under 4:25!!!! 4 under 4:32!!!! 6 guys under 2:04! Penny and Deidre with impressive doubles!!!!!  Triple A kick butt! XINRAN pr’s with 12:08!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/30/13- kids either hit 45-50 minutes steady (if competing weds) or 3 miles up and 3 miles progressive followed by form 150’s.

Monday 4/29/13– 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 6 x 400m on  a 3 minute cycle.  Top group avg’d 61 seconds. 2 laps down and group core.

Week of 4/22/13

Saturday 4/27/13– 2 miles up followed by 9-10 miles time trial. Dan Riff led all in 54:30!!! Vinci not far behind.  Deidre led the ladies in 69:change.  everyone finished with 1 mile down.

Friday 4/26/13– – either a rough day in Pennsylvania or 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 3 sets of 200/150/100/50, 2 laps down

Thursday 4/25/13– pre meet for Penn crowd or timed run plus a few strides over 150m

Wednesday 4/24/13– 400’s!!!!! cutdowns- everyone hit 2 miles up- and 8 x 400m on a 4 minute cycle- Vinc led all in around 59 avg.

Tuesday 4/23/13 homeboys and homegirls got in 3 miles up followed by 3 miles progressive and 10 x 150m for around 7 on the day.

Monday 4/22/13- everyone got to compete at the Lawrence Duel- everyone competed great!!! Guys and Gals get wins over tough ND teams!!!!!

Week of 4/15/13-

Sunday 4/21/13– those who competed Saturday hit between 50-70 minutes and a mile of strides.

Saturday 4/20/13– most kids got in 10-11 miles at Maintenance pace followed by a mile of strides. Some kicked butt at the Mercer County relays- Pirates took 5/6 possible victories in the distance categories,, great day.

Friday 4/19/13– kids hit 2 miles up, SDS (8) and 3-4 sets of 200/150/100 with overunders, 1 mile cooldown

Thursday 4/18/13– kids hit a medium length run followed by 10 x 150m.

Wednesday 4/17/13– those who didn’t compete ran 4.25 miles and 32 x 100m, those who did kicked butt!!!! Toby 2:00/ 53.3 !!!! Zabib 2:02!!!!!!! Winston 4:44!!!!!! Crossey 10:46!!!! Two frosh under 4:50!!!! The return of Dan Wang!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 4/16/13-50 minutes followed by a fast 200 and a few strides.

Monday 4/15/13 1.6 miles up to Jacob Rd. SDS (8) A Group ladies hit 16x 400m on a 2:00 cycle, B group ladies hit 12 x 400m (2:10).  A group duders hit 16 x 400m on a 1:40 cycle.  , B group hit 14 xd 400m on a 1:50 cycle, and C group guys hit 12 x 400m on a 2:00 cycle.  Great day!!!! 1.6 miles down. Last Bulk 400m day!!!!! Congrats to thjose of you who saw this whole thing through- how many of you can remember this?….”Monday 12/3/12- core followed by 2 miles up- S/D/S(8)- top dogs hit 50% of goal distance at 100% goal pace followed by either 14*400 on a 2:20-3:00 cycle or (in MD case) 14*200m on a 70-80 seconds cycle.”

Week of 4/8/13

Saturday 4/13/13-2 miles easy before hitting time trials between 9-10 miles. Dan Riff led the way in 56 and change (on record pace until last 4.5) Diedre led the ladies in around 71.  Not bad for muddy conditions.  5 or so guys under 60!!!! one mile cooldown for between 12-13 on the morning.

Friday 4/12-13-easy 6 mile run.

Thursday 4/11/13- 2 miles up, SDS (8) 1 mile time trial!!!! unofficial BOYS COUNT IS 24 under 5!!!!! it’s gonna be a record year!!!!! followed by 12 x 100m.  Top Distance hogs got in a drill (1200m (3:10 / 400m 60 ) 52 seconds rest between each. Guys finished with 7 x 300m at GMP.  MD guys hit 600m/ 200, with 40 seconds rest, Eddison hit 1:20/26, followed by the same 7 x 300m.

Wednesday 4/10/13- 2.2 miles up, 5 miles @ LT, 12 x 100m .

Tuesday 4/9/13– either 40 minute run and hurdle help- or duel vs Allentown- some great performances- Penny continues to impress, Kelvin and JACK barely miss the 5 minute barrier- while Timmy B runs 4:52!!!!!!!! Now lets GO!!

Monday 4/8/13- 2 miles up followed by SDS (8) penultimate bulk quarter day!!!!! Top dogs hit 20 x 400m on a 1:45 (girls 2:05) cycle.  B Group (Girls A) hit 18 x 400m (1:55c), C group hits 12 x 400m (2:05c/ 2:15 for ladies). Riffs hit cut downs at GMP , 1100*900*700*500*300- rest half distance jog of last rep. MD hit 550-450-350-250-150.  Coolie of 2 laps down.

Week of 4/1/13-

Saturday 4-6-13– long progressive run- top dogs hit 16.5 miles to Polski – Riff hit the last 8.25 in 47 mid (5:45 avg), Diedre led the ladies hustling the 2nd half of 14.5 miles in 51.  MD hit 5-5.5 easy followed the same distance at 6/ minute pace and 20 x 100m.

Friday 4-5-13-kids warmed up and hit a 1200m time trial (Karn 3:17!!!)ollowed by 10 x 120m sprints.  MD group hit 600m time trial (Eddie G 1:20.8!!!/ Penny 1:44!!!!) followed by same sprints!!!!

Thursday 4/4/13- easy run for 40 min, a few dudes who are missing tomorrow’s run got in 2 miles up- 800m fast and 8 x 200m with drills. 2 laps down.

Wednesday 4/3/13– 2 miles up- S and D, top Groups hit developmental miles (5-6) , B Group hit 2 x 2 miles and C group hit 3 miles hard.  Cool down of 20*100m.

Tuesday 4/2/13– either a recovery run or 1st meet against Trenton! Couple of great performances!

Monday 4/1/13-  Practice at HSS 8:30 a.m, 2 miles up SDS (8) followed by (Boys A- 22*400m (1:50 cycle) Boys B(GA) 20x 400m (2:00/2:10c), Boys C / GB)- 14x 400m (2:10/20c).  Penn Group- Riffs 25:00 up, SDS(8) reps at Goal mile pace. 1k / 600m rest/ 800/ 400m rest/ 600/ 400m rest/ 400/ 200m rest 200 @ 26. MD- reps at G 800 with 4:00 recovery- 500/ 400/ 300/ 200- 30 sec rest, 100m in 12.