Week of 3/4/13


Saturday 3/9/13 – kids met at TBP at 9:00 am and ran .5 miles to Faulty Rd before hitting between 2-5 x 5k Princeton Campus loop and .5 mile sback to the lot.  Most kids got in an additional 16x 100m for between 8-16.5

Friday 3/8/13– practice cancelled due to inclement weather

Thursday 3/7/13– kids ran between 2-4.3 miles up before getting in grass loops at LT (2-4)

LD duders got in 4.3 miles and 4 miles (led by Riffs and Karnage in 17:05)

MD kids got in 2 miles up followed by 4 x 1 mile at LT with a short rest.

Wednesday 3/6/13– kids got in between 3-4 miles in severe weather.

Tuesday 3/5/13– day started with 6 minute wall sit and 5 minutes of abs followed by 2.2 miles up to Conover Park and …

A – Team boys- 5 miles (led by Riffs in 26:30 (5:18/ mi)) followed by 1 minute rest and 1 mile hard (Karn and Riffs were just over 5) + 3 easy laps with no shoes.  (9).

MD Boys/ Gals- 4.3 miles at a controlled tempo (25:00-5:48) followed by a hard mile on the track (Eddison hit 4:51) followed by 12 x 100m barefoot.

a Team – 5 miles and 12 x 100m barefoot.

B team- 4.3 miles hard and 12 x 100m

C- Team – 2.25 miles hard followed by 12 x 100m.

LD Ladies hit 5 miles hard followed by 1 mile kicker and 12 x 100m.

Monday 3/4/13 pirate distance got the vault pits out before hitting 2 miles up and a quick stretch- afterwhich the Pirates broke into groups for their quarters.


Top Group of duders hit 25*400m on a 2:05 cycle followed by a fast 200 10 seconds after their last rep.

MD groups hit 10-12 x 300m with a 100m walk- after last rep they too hit 200m fast.  everyone hit 4 laps barefoot for coolie.