Week of 2/11/13

Saturday 2/16/13: 15, 13, or 11 miles on the Tow Path and then 16 x 100m strides.

Friday 2/15/13: Developmental group did a 2 mile warm up followed by stretches, drills, and eight strides. Then, 20 x 75m with drills.

Thursday 2/14/13: Developmental group had OYO again.

Wednesday 2/13/13: Developmental group did core (5/5/5) then hit the track for a 2 mile warm up, stretch, and drills. A group boys went on to do a Little Village loop plus 3 laps on the track all at threshold. B group boys did a Woodmere threshold and 2 laps cool down on the track.

Tuesday 2/12/13: Top guys ran the meet. Developmental group had an “on-your-own” practice.

Monday 2/11/13:  Top guys did a premeet in preparation for tomorrow’s race. Developmental group did a 2 mile warm-up followed by a workout: A-group boys hit 25 x 400m on a 2:10 cycle, B-group boys did 20 x 400m on a 2:20 cycle, and girls hit 18 x 400m on a 2:40 cycle.