Week of 2/4/13

Sunday 2/10/13– hey kids!..

MD- run 40 minutes steady and find a plowed straight section of road or sidewalk- sprint for 30 seconds.  Jog for 3-4 minutes and stretch out.

LD- run for 50 (ladies) to 60 (duders) minutes and find a dry straight plowed street or sidewalk , sprint for 30 seconds, jog for 4-5 minutes and stretch.

Saturday 2/9/13– 1. find a safe place to run- a plowed side  street with little to no traffic is preferable.  2. 15 minutes easy jog followed by some stretching and drills and 8 x 100m strides followed by….

MD Group- 10:00 at 80 % (threshold) followed by 11 minutes of 1 on (hardish) 1 off (easy) cooldown of 10 min easy jogging.

LD Group -20:-00 at 80 % (threshold) followed by 15 minutes of 1 on (abt Goal 3200 pace) 1 off (easy) cooldown of 10 min easy jogging.

Please run safe and conserve your efforts on this workout- it’s just to stay relatively sharp- workout should not feel difficult at all- when it doubt run slower-save hard efforts for next week! (we race tues and sat)

Friday 2/8/13– same as thursday

Thursday 2/7/13– either compete at Peddie duel or get in longer run of 50-60 miniutes.

Wednesday 2/6/13– either pre meet or threshold of between 3-4 miles plus a 200-300m kicker

Tuesday 2/5/13– kids got in a longer loop and strides.

Monday 2/4/13- everyone hit 5 minutes of squats and 5 minutes of ands before embarking on a 2 mile warmie SDS (8) and….

Developmental- 8 x 400 on a 2:00/ 2:20 (ladies A) and 2:30 cycle (ladies developmental), 2 laps down.

LD Omega Squad- 1000m at GMP , 400m rest, 1600m at 32GP, 400m rest and 300m at GP for 150m/ kick for 150m- 2 laps down.

MD Omega Platoon hit 600m at G800, followed by 400m rest and 400m at G 800mp followed by 400m rest and 300m – float-fast.