Week of 1/21/13

Saturday 1/26/13– kids ran between 8.7-10.7

Friday 1/25/13– kids got to head outside- MD group hit 3-4 grass miles and 300- 200- 100.  LD group hit 8 grass miles.  Those not competing this weekend hit 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 300m fast followed by 10 x 75m and drills.

Thursday 1/24/13-kids had to resort to more indoor running- between 5(35 x 275m loop)-7 miles (41x 275m) and strides (if they competed yesterday).

Wednesday 1/23/13-  either competing at Lawrenceville duel OR running 20 minutes out in a straight line and returning HARD!!!!

Tuesday 1/22/13– Pirates distance was forced inside- got in between 4-6 miles on 275m loop.  those competing wednesday got in 4-8 x 60m strides.

Monday 1/21/13- OYO- those who ran at lavino ran between 9-14 miles with 16 x 100m,