Week of 1/14/13-


Saturday 1/19/13– most kids hit between 11.5- 13.5 plus 8 x 100m , top dogs and gals went to Lavino and KICKED BUTT!!!

Friday 1/18/13– 2 miles up followed by SDS (8) 500m HARD followed by 400 easy and 14 x 75m with drills.

Thursday 1/17/13– most guys and gals hit 3 miles followed by 3 miles progressive and 12 x 100m, a few hit a longer southfield loop for around 9 with strides. Those competing this weekend hit a timed run on grass.

Wednesday 1/16/13– 2 miles up followed by Stretching.  LD group hit 2 x 3200m, (top dogs hit 11:11/ 10:06), followed by 10 x 100m with over unders., MD guys hit 3 x 1200m at LT followed by 8 x 150m with over unders.

Tuesday 1/15/13– 2.2 miles up to Conover- LD kids hit 5 miles at Marathon pace- MD kids hit 2 miles @ lt and form 150’s- developmental kids hit 10k loop.

Monday 1/14/13- 2 miles up followed by SDS (8), developmental Group got in….

A- 24 x 400m on a 2:15 cycle.

B- 22x 400m on a 2:30 cycle.

Ladies – 18 x 400m (2:45 cycle)

LD top dogs- 1k at GMP- 5-7 min easy and 7-9 x 400 with full rest.

MD top dogs- 550 at G800 pace followed by 5-7 minutes easy and 6-7 x 300m on full rest.