Week of 1/28/13-





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Saturday 2/2/13– top dogs hit 14.5 plus 20x 100m, top ladies hit 11 miles plus 1 mile hard (Julio hit 5:50) followed by 16 x 100m.

Friday 2/1/13- 2 miles up- SDS (8) 800m time trial in wind, Deidre led ladies in 2:27, Donyell led duders in 2:07, 2 laps easy followed by 14*75m sprints, 2 laps down.

Thursday 1/31/13– timed run of 50 minutes following dictatorial core.

Wednesday 1/30/13-2.2 miles up to Conover, 5-6 miles at a good clip in the wind and a coolie of 2 laps and 8 barefoot strides.  Those running this weekend’s 4 x 800 hit 4 miles LT on the track.

Tuesday 1/29/13-day began with 6 min abs, 6 min. squats, and 6:00 crunches.  developmental groups then hit …A- 8 miles, B- 7 miles, and C (ladies) 6 miles. Top dogs had workouts after a 2 miles warmie.  LD group hit 1000m @ GMP followed by 1:00 rest  and 600m fast- followed by 5:00 easy and 4 x 300m fast with 100m rest walk/jog. Duders all hit an 800m workout of 500m @ G800, rest til 2:00, and run 300m FAST!!!! Eddison led all in 68 mid, followed by 42 ish for around 1:50 total- Edlynn led the ladies with 84/ 55 for around 2:19 total.  dudes folllowed with 5:00 easy and 6 x 300m fast, ladies followed with 4 x 300m fast. 2 laps down.

Monday 1/28/13- 2 miles up before getting right into things- most kids broke into groups- Guys in 2 groups- A group got in 25 x 400m on a 2:10 cycle- B group hit 20 x 400m on a 2:25 cycle.  Ladies hit 18 x 400m on a 2:40 cycle.  Those whom competed yesterday got in between 10-13 miles .

Week of 1/21/13

Saturday 1/26/13– kids ran between 8.7-10.7

Friday 1/25/13– kids got to head outside- MD group hit 3-4 grass miles and 300- 200- 100.  LD group hit 8 grass miles.  Those not competing this weekend hit 2 miles up- SDS (8) and 300m fast followed by 10 x 75m and drills.

Thursday 1/24/13-kids had to resort to more indoor running- between 5(35 x 275m loop)-7 miles (41x 275m) and strides (if they competed yesterday).

Wednesday 1/23/13-  either competing at Lawrenceville duel OR running 20 minutes out in a straight line and returning HARD!!!!

Tuesday 1/22/13– Pirates distance was forced inside- got in between 4-6 miles on 275m loop.  those competing wednesday got in 4-8 x 60m strides.

Monday 1/21/13- OYO- those who ran at lavino ran between 9-14 miles with 16 x 100m,

Week of 1/14/13-


Saturday 1/19/13– most kids hit between 11.5- 13.5 plus 8 x 100m , top dogs and gals went to Lavino and KICKED BUTT!!!

Friday 1/18/13– 2 miles up followed by SDS (8) 500m HARD followed by 400 easy and 14 x 75m with drills.

Thursday 1/17/13– most guys and gals hit 3 miles followed by 3 miles progressive and 12 x 100m, a few hit a longer southfield loop for around 9 with strides. Those competing this weekend hit a timed run on grass.

Wednesday 1/16/13– 2 miles up followed by Stretching.  LD group hit 2 x 3200m, (top dogs hit 11:11/ 10:06), followed by 10 x 100m with over unders., MD guys hit 3 x 1200m at LT followed by 8 x 150m with over unders.

Tuesday 1/15/13– 2.2 miles up to Conover- LD kids hit 5 miles at Marathon pace- MD kids hit 2 miles @ lt and form 150’s- developmental kids hit 10k loop.

Monday 1/14/13- 2 miles up followed by SDS (8), developmental Group got in….

A- 24 x 400m on a 2:15 cycle.

B- 22x 400m on a 2:30 cycle.

Ladies – 18 x 400m (2:45 cycle)

LD top dogs- 1k at GMP- 5-7 min easy and 7-9 x 400 with full rest.

MD top dogs- 550 at G800 pace followed by 5-7 minutes easy and 6-7 x 300m on full rest.


Week of 1/7/13

Sunday 1/13/12– kids either too off- or- for those whom competed yesterday- got in 9-13 miles and strides.

Saturday 1/12/13– Pirate Distance lights it up!!! kids do great at State Relays!!! Everyone else gets in 11-14.5 miles followed by 8-16 strides for a total of 12-15 miles.

Friday 1/11/13-2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 800m fast 2 laps easy and 14 x 100m w drills, those competing tomorrow hit pre meet.

Thursday 1/10/13– most kids hit lanwin loop at an easy pace- those competing this weekend hiot either (MD) a timed run followed by a mile at LT and 12 x 100m, or (LD) 50-60 minutes and 12 x 100m.

Wednesday 1/9/13– core followed by 2 miles up- SD followed by either 3-4 x cut down mile on grass loop or…. (for those competing this weekend) 75% of Goal distance at date pace followed by 2 laps and 10 x 100m fast with plyo hops and over unders between each. 2 laps down.

Tuesday 1/8/13– core followed by 2.2 miles up- LD kids hot 5 miles at a tough pace, MD kids hit 2 miles at LT.

Monday 1/7/12- 6 minutes of free squats followed by 6 minutes of abs and 2 miles up- SDS (8)  and…

Top Developmental Group – 22*400m on a 2:15 cycle.

Next DG- 20 x 400m on a 2:20 cycle.

Ladies Dev Group- 16*400 (2:40)

LD Group – 1000m at GMP followed by 800m rest and 3 x 600m on a 5 minute cycle.

LD Group Ladies hit 1000m at GMP followed by 800m and 3 x 500m on a 5 minute cycle.

MD Duders hit 600m at G800 followed by 2 laps and 4 x 300m in 41/37/41/37

MD Ladies hit 600m at G800 followed by 2 laps and 4 x 300m in 49/45/49/45.

2 laps coolie.

Week of 12/31/12-

Saturday 1/5/12– developmental crew got in 11.5-13.5 plus 8 x 100m.  Top LD hogs got in 13.5 (last half at 615 / mi) (ladies 11.5 – last half cookin)- md GOT 7.5 up and 3x mile at E/M/H-  8 x 100m. Attendance pics below!!! If you’re not in this picture…u have some splainin to do…..!!!!!


Friday 1/4/13– 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by (those whom competed on Tursday) between 3-5 miles hard followed by 10 x 100m strides and drills- those who did not compete yesterday got in a mile time trial and 12-14 x 100m w/ drills.

Thursday 1/3/13– all those who didn’t run the Lawrence Relay Meet ran a Conover Loop and 12 strides. Those who ran the meet KICKED BUTT!!! Results Below!

Wednesday 1/2/13– 1st day back to school! Those competing tomorrow hit 4-6 miles and 10 strides followed by a fast 300m (boys 38-42) ladies (49-52) and two laps down. Developmental group hit core followed by two miles up and between 3-4x mile grass loops on a 8-9 minute cycle @ LT pace.  Nikhil led all with 4* mile on a 8 minute cycle in 5:35-5:39, between 800- 1600 down.

Tuesday 1/1/13– OYO to bring in the new year!

Monday 12/31/12- last workout of 2012!!!! 2 miles up- SDS (8) and…Riffs were tutored by Brian ’50 Yen’ Leung with 6 x 800m in around 2:20 with abt 90 sec rest followed by 400m and 9 x 400m in 67-8 on a 2 minute cycle.  The rest of A group hit 800m at GMP followed by 400m rest and 20 x 400m on a 2 minute cycle.  Developmental Group hit 20 x 400m on a 2:20 cycle.  Girls developmental hit 15*400m on a 2:40 cycle.  Duders MD hit 500m at G800 followed by 400m and 20 x 200m on a 60 cycle., LADIES hit 500m at G800 followed by 20 x 200m as well.