Week of 12/17/12

Saturday 12/22/12– LD group hit 13.5 miles at 6:25 pace plus a mile at effort led by Alum Dan Sheldon in 5:02 for 14.5. Julio led ladies with 13.5 miles, MD group hit 11.5!!!

Friday 12/21/12– 2 miles up, SDS (8) followed by ….

LD group hit 800m at MGP followed by 400m rest..Riffs led dudes with 2:06 in wind- Julio hit 2:31 in wind (and trainers)

MD and everyone else hit 600m HARD (led by Darnell in 1:23-4) – everyone finished with 14 x 100m and sdrills! 2 laps down.


Thursday 12/20/12– times run of between 50-70 minutes for most- MD hit hit a few miles up followed by 2*2 miles at LT and strides.

Wednesday 12/19/12– 4 minutes of squats/ abs and NC followed by two miles up and …..

LD Boys- 10k (led by Jake Riff in 32:45-( 5:16 pace)) LD girls hit 5 miles (led by Julio in 31:45 (6:20 pace)

MD guys hit 5 miles led by Georgie in 30 flat- developmental crew ran 5k hard led by Willy Hesterberg in 18:20.  Developmental group followed up with 16 x 100m barefoot strides.

Tuesday 12/18/12– most Pirates had some great early season performances at Jadwin gym- a few stayed home and worked out hard at HSS- Jake Riff warmed up 2 miles and hit 5 miles at 6 / mile. Julio hit a short quick threshold.

Monday 12/17/12- either a pre meet of 50-60 minutes and 8 strides or- for a select few- typical Monday workouts of (LD) 800m at GMP followed by 14 x 400m on 2:00 cycle.  MD (ladies)hit 400m at G800 followed by 14 x 200m on a 70 seconds cycle .