XC Week 18 (Week of 10/29/12)

Saturday 11/3/12– practice at HSS 8:30m!!!! kids got in 6 miles on pavement before getting in…(Boys 6 grass loops and a mile @ LT for 13 or (ladies) 4 miles on grass plus a mile at LT for a total of 11 (ladies)- 13 (duders).  Donyell “Shakira” Reid had to sit part of run out due to sore hips.

Friday 11/2/12– practice at HSS 10:00 am!!!! day began with 7 minute wall sit and 3:30 nut crackers and abs- kids warmed up 2.2 miles to Conover Park and got in 5-7 miles at Marathon pave- Riffs led the guys in 41 minutes and Julio led the ladies with 31:50!!! everyone finished with 12*100m for between 8-10 miles!! Many girls went the wrong way so the oft unappreciated Coach Wayton lovingly made them get in one hard mile on the track upon their return.

Thursday 11/1/12– guys warmed up 5 miles and SDS (8) before getting in 6 x 100m on a 4:45 cycle- Riffs led the way in 2:56/2:56/2:58/2:58/2:59/2:59 after the 6th and final 1k the kids rested for 10 seconds and blasted a 200m- 2 miles down for abt 10.5. Ladies warmed up three miles SDS (8) before getting in 5*1k on a 5:00 cycle, Julia and Edelyn led the ladies home in 3:29/3:39/3:45/3:46/3:46.  After the 5th and final 200 the ladies hammered home a 200 before warming down for 2 miles for 8 on the morning.

Wednesday 10/31/12– guys got in 70 minutes , ladies got in Bennington Loop for 8.2 or so.

Tuesday 10/30/12– Boys warmed up  3 miles  , 4 miles at LT (5:20-30/ mi) followed by 6x 300m in 50 with a 100m jog rest and a a mile down for 9ish- guys avgh’d about 48 for the 300’s 9 on the day.  Ladies warmed up 2 miles- got in 3.5 miles at LT followed by 4 x 300m fast and a mile or so down for 7-7.5.

Monday 10/29/12- kids were forced to take off due to Hurricane Sandy.