Week of 11/26/12

Sunday 12/2/12

Saturday 12/1/12-practice @ Turning Basin Park 8:00 a.m. Top dudes hit 13.5 and a mile of strides for 14.5.

Friday 11/30/12– Core first followed by 2 miles up S /D S(8*100m) and between 400-600 fast (Eddison led the MD group with 53 – Riffs led the LD group with 1:29, 400m jog recovery followed by 10-12 x 100m with overunders between each, 2 laps down.

Thursday 11/29/12– After Mr. Flynn meeting kids all hit 50 minutes.  Top Groups hit 300-200-100 .

Wednesday 11/28/12– 2 miles up on track.  Beginners hit 2 x 1 mile on grass.  A Groups hit 3 miles at LT and 8 good strides.

Tuesday 11/27/12– 2 miles up followed by 2 miles progressive.

Monday 11/26/12-  3- 6 mile run following meeting.


To the Men and Women of Pirate Cross;

For the past 21 weeks we’ve run the gamut of human success and failure.  Throughout the summer it appeared the Pirates would be waddling through this season in agonizing failure.  Instead we went to work.  You asked from yourself incredible feats of physical and mental strength in order to rescue yourself from the dark and lonely woods of invisible mediocrity to the bright fields of victory and fulfillment.

As our classmates slept in, hit the fried food line, hid behind video games, sequestered by their own fears, they remained unchanged. You kids chose a different path- you asked yourselves to find the edge, the periphery, the frontier of your potential.  You weren’t easy on yourselves, you didn’t make excuses, you didn’t condemn, and your bravery was returned to you tenfold.

From 17.5 mile runs to 45 x 300m and just about everything in between your will was tested and you remained with us; tired yet unbroken. Along with your burgeoning fitness your spirit followed and by October we were able to shed our despondent past and sprint towards a new passionate and promising destiny who’s light was invisible only weeks earlier. You did it, we did it.

Our senior leadership carried us forth as every cell in our bodies objected.  They were the ones who knew the truth of Pirates Past would create Pirates Present, that effort created possibility, that passion moves mountains, that commitment breeds resolve.

Our accomplishments followed, unbeaten though tested, we swept through our area week after week and made believers first out of ourselves, and then out of our competitors.  Successes followed successes, challenges came and went, and we the Pirates trudged forward bravely.  I now ask you to continue. You’re tired, you’re relieved, you’re burying your face in a turkey.  But take time to look forward.  In a season of firsts it must be acknowledged that there is still much more work to be done- distances to be traveled, undertakings to take.

There will again be triumph, there will again be disappointment, but if we commit to taking this experiment further, we will all come out of this knowing more about ourselves than we ever would have imagined.  We must move forward by making improvements, by staying ahead of the field.  This means greater commitment to summer efforts, team, diet, competiveness, consistency, and honesty.  There is no greater training plan than this.  No program can circumvent poor character, noble efforts and lives continue to open the world’s doors.  I ask you kids to earn the following; trust, discipline, pride, fitness, kinship, and in the end- a sense of glory and unique fulfillment that will push us through life and guide your destiny.  On Monday most of us will get back to work.  Let us never forget why we do what we do- and where it will take us. There is nothing but time ahead of us- let’s make it OUR TIME.

I love you all appropriately,



XC Week 21 (Week of 11/19/12)


Wednesday 11/21/12– 3 miles up- 3 mile race, 800m coolie.  6.5.

Tuesday 11/20/12– pre meet!

Monday 11/19/12-  kids ran 30-40 minutes and got in 8 strides, ice baths and stretching after.  Those not competing at MOC got in a warmie and 12*400m on a 2 minute cycle.

XC Week 20!!!!! (Week of 11/12/12)

Sunday 11/18/12– recovery run OYO of 40 minutes and 16 x 100m

Saturday 11/17/12– 3 miles wu, 3 miles race, 3 miles down on the Mens side for 9.  Ladies performed a shorter cooldown for around 6.  Those not competing ran between 60-70 minutes and 20 x 100m for between 8-10.

Friday 11/16/12– for those not competing at Groups- 50-60 minutes and strides. Those competing at Groups- pre meet.

Thursday 11/15/12– 35-45 minutes on grass, no strides. Those not competing @ groups repeated last weeks workout of 4-3-2-1 followed by 4 x 200 fast.  2 miles up (s/d/s (8) and 2 laps down made it 6 miles total.

Wednesday 11/14/12

guys did 56 minutes at 6:40 pace on grass.  NO STRIDES


Girls got in 50 minutes on grass.  No strides!!!!

Tuesday 11/13/12– 10 minute wall sit (last of the year) was followed by 3 minutes of abs and 3 minutes of nutcrackers.  then the kids got in between 2 (ladies) and 3 (duders) miles followed by s/d/s(8x 100m) and a 600 (fast 200 followed by 400 at 5k pace) followed by between 3200 (ladies) and 4000 (duders) of threshold and finishing with 600m at 5 k pace.  1 mile easy and 8 barefoot strides made it between 6.5-8.

Monday 11/12/12-  pirates started with 8 minutes of wall sit and 5 minutes of abs and nutcrackers.  Girls then hit 4.2 miles of Village Loop plus 4 grass loops at 7:45/ mile (8.2 total).  Guys hit 10k loop plus 4 loops for 10.2 at between 6:30-6:45/ mile.

XC Week 19 (Week of 11/5/12)

 Sunday 11/11/12- Happy Vets Day!!!!!  two practices to accommodate services!! Both at Turning Basin park!!!!

8:00 am

10:00 am

Saturday 11/10/12– boys ran 3 miles up- 3 mile race, and 4 miles down with 20 x 100m for around 10!

Girls ran 2.5 miles up- 3 miles race and abt 3 miles down for 8.5!!!

Winter Track kids get in forms…No Excuses…..

Armless Orphan: 1922



2:05 pm Central Group IV Boys


2:55 pm Central Group IV Girls

Friday 11/9/12– those running tomorrow got in a few easy miles.  Those not running tomorrow warmed up 2 miles (s/d/s(8)) and got in the classic 4-3-2-1 with 50 % rest.  Dudes hit 5:00/3:48/2:29/64.  Ladies hit 5:59 (congrats A. Bacher!!!)/ 4:37/3:05/78- 1 mile down.  5.5 on the day.

Thursday 11/8/12– 4.2 miles up followed by

Boys- 3 miles at LT and 12 x 100m for 8.

Ladies- 2 miles at LT and 12 x 100m for 7.

Wednesday 11/7/12- kids ran 11 minutes at LT after getting in their standard 16 minute core session.

Tuesday 11/6/12– easy run to recover from yesterday- kids hit 8 minutes wallsits followed by 5 minutes of abs and 3 minutes of nutcrackers before hitting ..

Boys – 60 minutes and 16x 100m for around 9.5

Girls – 50 minutes and 12x100m for around 7.

Monday 11/5/12-8 minute wallsit and 4 minute nut cruncher and abs, girls warmed up 3 miles, guys warmed up 4 miles.  Boys went into two groups

Top Guys hit 5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10/4:52 on a 60 second rest cycle.

Next dudes hit 5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10- both hit a 1 mile coolie for 10.

Ladies hit the same workout in…

Group A- 6:20/6:10/6:00/5:47 (Julio)

Group B- 6:30/6:20/6:10/6:00

Both groups hit 1 mile down for 8.

Tough weather- cold and breezy- by and large kids really toughed it out!!!!!

XC Week 18 (Week of 10/29/12)

Saturday 11/3/12– practice at HSS 8:30m!!!! kids got in 6 miles on pavement before getting in…(Boys 6 grass loops and a mile @ LT for 13 or (ladies) 4 miles on grass plus a mile at LT for a total of 11 (ladies)- 13 (duders).  Donyell “Shakira” Reid had to sit part of run out due to sore hips.

Friday 11/2/12– practice at HSS 10:00 am!!!! day began with 7 minute wall sit and 3:30 nut crackers and abs- kids warmed up 2.2 miles to Conover Park and got in 5-7 miles at Marathon pave- Riffs led the guys in 41 minutes and Julio led the ladies with 31:50!!! everyone finished with 12*100m for between 8-10 miles!! Many girls went the wrong way so the oft unappreciated Coach Wayton lovingly made them get in one hard mile on the track upon their return.

Thursday 11/1/12– guys warmed up 5 miles and SDS (8) before getting in 6 x 100m on a 4:45 cycle- Riffs led the way in 2:56/2:56/2:58/2:58/2:59/2:59 after the 6th and final 1k the kids rested for 10 seconds and blasted a 200m- 2 miles down for abt 10.5. Ladies warmed up three miles SDS (8) before getting in 5*1k on a 5:00 cycle, Julia and Edelyn led the ladies home in 3:29/3:39/3:45/3:46/3:46.  After the 5th and final 200 the ladies hammered home a 200 before warming down for 2 miles for 8 on the morning.

Wednesday 10/31/12– guys got in 70 minutes , ladies got in Bennington Loop for 8.2 or so.

Tuesday 10/30/12– Boys warmed up  3 miles  , 4 miles at LT (5:20-30/ mi) followed by 6x 300m in 50 with a 100m jog rest and a a mile down for 9ish- guys avgh’d about 48 for the 300’s 9 on the day.  Ladies warmed up 2 miles- got in 3.5 miles at LT followed by 4 x 300m fast and a mile or so down for 7-7.5.

Monday 10/29/12- kids were forced to take off due to Hurricane Sandy.