XC Week 15 (Week of 10/8/12)


Saturday 10/13/12- A Group Boys hit 13.5 steady miles on the Towpath. Everyone else hit 11.5 miles steady.  No strides.


Friday 10/12/12

Most everyone hit core (6:30 wallsits, 3:15 for Nutcrackers and abs and 1:45 for mountain climbers) followed by 20 :00 of easy running and SDS (8) before hitting 5*1000m on grass on 5:30 (Boys B girls A)- 6:30 (Boys C/ Girls B) and 2 miles down for 8 on the afternoon.  Top dogs hit 4 miles up 7 x 1000m on a 5:00 cycle Riffs led the way with a 3:10 avg. 2 miles down for 10.4 on the afternoon.

Thursday 10/11/12– Boys A- 2.2 miles easy followed by 5 miles of Tempo running (Riffs led the way in 27:20) followed by a 1200m kicker in 3:45 and 2 miles easy for 10 on the afternoon. B (Girls A) got in 2.2 miles up- 5 miles at LT and a mile easy running for 8.2. Boys C and Ladies B got in 7.2 miles of running. Pirates began the afternoon with 6:00 of wallsits, 3:00 of nut crunchers ,3:00 of abs, and  1:30 of mountainclimbers.

Wednesday 10/10/12

Boys A- everyone hit 6:00 of wallsits, 3:00 of nutcrackers/3:00 of abs and 90 seconds of mountain climbers. Afterwards kids hit 9 loops on 1300m grass loop at park for 10.3 on the day.
Boys B (Girls A)- 3 miles up followed by 6 loops on 1300m grass loop for abt 8 on the day.
Boys C (Girls B)-  kids ran to Park and hit a grass loop for 1 hour. – abt 7-7.5 on the day.

Tuesday 10/9/12

Boys A- 2 miles up, 5 k race, 30 minutes and 20 strides for 10
Boys B (Girls A)- 2 miles up, 5 k race- 25 minutes and 20 strides for 8.5-9
Boys C (Girls B)- 2 miles up- 5 k race, 16 and 16 for 7.5

Monday 10/8/12- 

Boys A- Most A groupers hit 9 miles and 16*100m for 10- a few brave souls hit a developmental ladder of 6:00/5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20/5:10/5:00 Vinci actually hit last two in 5:07/4:56 with Karn right on his heels- 60 seconds rest between each , 2 miles up and 2 miles down for 10.
Boys B (Girls A)- 7 miles steady on grass and 16 x 100m (8)
Boys C (Girls B)- 6 miles and a mile of strides for (7)