XC Week 14 (Week of 10/1/12)

Sunday 10/7/12– kids that ran yesterday or took the SAT’s ran 10 (Girls A/ Boys B) – 11 miles (Boys A) before hitting 2 (Boys B/ G A) to 3 (Boys A) x a mile on a 30 second rest cycle- everyone finished with 16*100m for 11-15.

Saturday 10/6/12– Long runners got in 10 miles before hitting 1-2 miles at LT and 16 x 100m. Racers got in 2 miles up plus SDS (8) and a 5 k race before embarking on 20/20.

Friday 10/5/12– most kids warmed up 3 miles to Southfield rd and either ran back to south and added a mile at LT (B) or progressed back with a mile of strides at the end(C
).  Those racing at SC hit a few easy miles.

Thursday 10/4/12– those competing Saturday ran 40 minutes and got in some strides (8).  Those not competing ran 2 miles and got in 8 strides before getting in 5 x 1000m on a 6 (B) or 7 (B) minute cycle.  Cooldown was   1-2 miles for a total of 6-7.

Wednesday 10/3/12– team meeting followed by core (5 min. wall sit/ 3:20 nutcrackers/ 2:30 abs) followed by mile reps on grass course.

A Group – 9 miles plus 16*100m for 10

B Group (Girls A) – 7 miles plus 16 x 100m for 8

C Group (Girls B) 6 miles and a mile of strides for 7.

Everyone took their shoes off for the last 8.

Tuesday 10/2/12– kids warmed up 2 miles before hitting 5 k at a variety of efforts from LT- All out.  Some incredible performances.  cool down was a wet and sloppy 10 and 10 for a total of 7 on the afternoon.

Monday 10/1/12- kids met for quick meeting before starting into wall sits (5 min) and 2:30 of nutcrackers and crunches.  kids competing tomorrow hit between 4-6 miles and 12 x 100m.   Those concentrating on Shore Coaches hit 4 miles up plus stretch drills and strides (8).

Afterwhich kids got into groups and hit…

Boys- 6 x 800m on a 4:00 cycle (top dogs avg’d 2:25)

Girls – 6 x 800m on a 5:00 cycle- top ladies avg’d 2:55

Boys A bit a cooldown of 2 miles and 8 strides for 10 on the afternoon.

Ladies hit a mile cooldown for abt 8 on the afternoon.