XC Week 12 (Week of 9/17/12)

Saturday 9/22/12– 8 a.m. practice at Turning Basin Park- Directions HERE:

Kids get in a long run, A Group Boys get in 16.5 followed by 16 x 100m for 17.5.

B Boys and A girls get in 14.5 followed by 16x 100m

C Boys and B girls get in 12 miles and strides for 13- great day!

Friday 9/21/12

A Group Boys- 4 miles up followed by 8 strides.

5 x 1600m on track on an 8 minute cycle.  Dan Riff led all in 5:07 avg.

1 mile cool down for 10.5 on the day.

A Group Ladies-  30 minutes up and 8 strides followed by 5 x 1200m on an 8 minute cycle.  Top ladies avg’d 4:30ish, 1 mile cooldown for 8.5 on the day.

B Group Dudes- 3 miles up- s/D/S (8) followed by 7 x 1000m on a 6:00 cycle.  1 mile cooldown for 8.5 on the day.

C Group Dudes B group Ladies- same as B group but 6 x 1000m on a 7 minute cycle. 1 mile cooldown for 7.75

Thursday 9/20/12– quick talk with Coach Coburn followed by mile loops on campus- top group got in 9 loops and 10 x 160m  for 10 miles., B group (girls a) got in 7 loops and strides for 8 and C group (girls b)got in 6 loops and strides for 7.

Wednesday 9/19/12– 1.75 miles up- stretch and drills, followed by…

A Group – 45 x 300m (90 second cycle)

B Group (Girls A) – 35 x 300m (2:00 cycle)

C Group (Girls B) 30* 300m (2:20 cycle)


1.75 miles down- good day- some epic performances.

A Group – log 12 miles

B Group – log 10 miles

C Group- Log 9.75 miles.


Tuesday 9/18/12– horrible weather- some rain and wind. kifds got right into it.  20 minutes at LT- some kids made it as far as 22 laps, after which B and C groups headed over to get in strides (20 x 100m) on a 60 second cycle. Top Boys group got in 3 x 1600m at 6:00/5:50/5:40 with a minute rest.  Top ladies got in 2 x 1600m. Group core after.  Not bad in challenging weather conditions, top dogs got in about 7 miles.

Monday 9/17/12- off or OYO.