XC Week 13 (Week of 9/24/12)

Saturday 9/29/12– Long run at TBP!!!

A Group 16.2 miles ! 68.7 miles in 6 runs this week!!!!

B Group (Ladies A) 13.5

C Group (Ladies B) 11.5

Friday 9/28/12– Quick core followed by 1.75 up followed by Stretch and Drills, Groups then hit…

A- 35 x 300m on a 80 seconds cycle

B (Ladies A) hit 25 x 300m on a 1:45 cycle.

C (Ladies B) 20x 300m on a 2:00 cycle, 1.75 down for 10, 8, and 7.25 miles on the day.


Thursday 9/27/12– kids ran 2.2 miles warmie followed by …

A Group- 7 miles led byDan Riff at around 5:40/ mile.  cooldown of 3/4 mile for 10 on the afternoon.

B and C Group (Girls A+B) – 5 solid miles followed 3 laps easy and a mile of strides for 9.


Wednesday 9/26/12– Practice a turning basin )8:30 am)

A Group- 9 miles plus 3 miles at LT and 16 x 100m for 12-13.

B Group (Girls A) 60 minutes followed by 2 x mile @ lt and 16 x 100 for hopefully 10

C Group( Girls B) – 60 minutes and a mile hard followed by a mile of strides for 8.

Tuesday 9/25/12– EARLY DISMISSAL AT 1:30!!1 BUS LEAVES LOTS AT 1:45!!!!! MEET STARTS AT 3:00.  2 mile warm-up followed by stretch/ drills/strides (8*100m) 5 k race followed by …

A Group – 4 miles and 20*100m for total of 10.5 on the day.

B Group (A Girls) – 2.5 miles and a mile of strides for 8.5.

C Group Dudes (B Girls)- 2 miles down followed by a mile of strides for * on the afternoon.


Monday 9/24/12-  Pre Meet metting followed by core.

Group A- 8 mile loops at maintenance pace followed by a mile at threshold (5:30-5:50) and 16 x 100m for 10 on the afternoon.

Group B (Girls A)- 7 mile loops plus 16*100 for 8

Group C (Girls B) 5 mile loops plus 16*100 for 6

XC Week 12 (Week of 9/17/12)

Saturday 9/22/12– 8 a.m. practice at Turning Basin Park- Directions HERE:

Kids get in a long run, A Group Boys get in 16.5 followed by 16 x 100m for 17.5.

B Boys and A girls get in 14.5 followed by 16x 100m

C Boys and B girls get in 12 miles and strides for 13- great day!

Friday 9/21/12

A Group Boys- 4 miles up followed by 8 strides.

5 x 1600m on track on an 8 minute cycle.  Dan Riff led all in 5:07 avg.

1 mile cool down for 10.5 on the day.

A Group Ladies-  30 minutes up and 8 strides followed by 5 x 1200m on an 8 minute cycle.  Top ladies avg’d 4:30ish, 1 mile cooldown for 8.5 on the day.

B Group Dudes- 3 miles up- s/D/S (8) followed by 7 x 1000m on a 6:00 cycle.  1 mile cooldown for 8.5 on the day.

C Group Dudes B group Ladies- same as B group but 6 x 1000m on a 7 minute cycle. 1 mile cooldown for 7.75

Thursday 9/20/12– quick talk with Coach Coburn followed by mile loops on campus- top group got in 9 loops and 10 x 160m  for 10 miles., B group (girls a) got in 7 loops and strides for 8 and C group (girls b)got in 6 loops and strides for 7.

Wednesday 9/19/12– 1.75 miles up- stretch and drills, followed by…

A Group – 45 x 300m (90 second cycle)

B Group (Girls A) – 35 x 300m (2:00 cycle)

C Group (Girls B) 30* 300m (2:20 cycle)


1.75 miles down- good day- some epic performances.

A Group – log 12 miles

B Group – log 10 miles

C Group- Log 9.75 miles.


Tuesday 9/18/12– horrible weather- some rain and wind. kifds got right into it.  20 minutes at LT- some kids made it as far as 22 laps, after which B and C groups headed over to get in strides (20 x 100m) on a 60 second cycle. Top Boys group got in 3 x 1600m at 6:00/5:50/5:40 with a minute rest.  Top ladies got in 2 x 1600m. Group core after.  Not bad in challenging weather conditions, top dogs got in about 7 miles.

Monday 9/17/12- off or OYO.

XC Week 11 (Week of 9/10/12)

Sunday 9/16/12– NO EXCUSES KIDS !!!!!

8:00 am practice or 3:00 pm practice at TURNING BASIN PARK. Kids worked in three groups!

A- 16.2 miles and 8x 100m for 16.7 on the day.

B (Girls A) 13.5 and 8 x 100m for around 14.

C- (Girls B) 11.5 plus 8 strides for 12! Good work Pirates- all in all good week! Top Boys hit 70 in singles (and one 4 mile day!!!!) Stay healthy- get hungrier- and we’ll make a run at it!!!!

Saturday 9/15/12– 2 miles up followed by a 2 mile race at the CHEROKEE CHALLENGE ,  afterwards kids ran 2 miles easy and 20 x 100m.  A few breave souls went down to the track afterwards and ran 4 miles in 24 minutes followed by 20 x 100m for up to 9 miles on the day.

Friday 9/14/12- team meeting followed by 2-4 miles.

Thursday 9/13/12– kids ran 23 minutes for 3 miles (hopefully), then completed threshold reps over 100m, A Group hit 10 at 3:20 for leaders, B group (A girls) hit 8 at 3:45ish and C group (b Girls) hit 6 x 1k.  Cooldown was 10 minutes and 10 x 100m for between 7-11 on the afternoon.

Wednesday 9/12/12– the day started with some group core and moved into a 1o k loop . Upon returning from the 6.2 mile loop the kids ..

Group A- 20 x 100m on a 60 sec. cycle plus 3 miles for 10.25

Group B (Girls A)- 16 x 100m plus 2 miles. 9 miles

Group C- (Girls B) 16 x 100m 7 miles

Tuesday 9/11/12– GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! kids got in 2 miles up – 3 miles at a good pace and 2-3 mile cooldown for a total of between 7-8 miles.  Good start kids!

Monday 9/10-12- most runners did a pre meet with between 50-60 minutes and 16*100m for between 6.5-8.5.  Top ladies hit 4 miles up followed by 4*1600m at 6:40-6:30-6:20-6:10, 2 mile cooldown, top dogs hit 4 miles up- 5 x 1600 in 6:00/5:50/5:40/5:30/5:20 2 miles down for 11 total – rest between each rep was 1 minute.

XC Week 10 (Week of 9/3/12)

Saturday 9/8/12– practice at towpath 8:00 AM, A Group – 16.5 miles plus 8 x 100m for 17, Boys B and Girls A 14.5 plus 8 x 100m for 15, and Boys C Girls B 11 miles plus 8x 100m for 11.5! Great day!!!!!

Friday 9/7/12– MONTANAS! kids warmed up 1.75 miles, got in A Group – 35x 300m on a 90 seconds cycle- Boys B (Girls A) got in 25x 300 on a 2:00 cycle- and Boys C (Girls B) got in 20 x 300 on a 2:20-30 cycle. 1.7 down for up to about 10 on the afternoon.

Thursday 9/6/12

Group A- Large Lanwin 8.2 mile loop (route HERE)

Group B (Girls A)-Medium Lanwin 6.7 mile loop (route HERE)

Group C- (Girls B) Baby Lanwin? 5.7 mile loop (Route  HERE)

Supplemental work included A- 2 miles at LT, B – 1.5 miles at LT and C- 1 mile at LT.

Totals for the day ranged from 6.7-10.2 miles

Wednesday 9/5/12– 2.2 mile warmie to Connover Park- from there kids …A Group- top Diggity Dogs hit 7 miles at 6 minute pace, Group B (A Girls) hit 5 miles at a medium clip, Group C (B ladies)  hit 5 miles with Coach Cuburn- kids finished with 20 x 100m on a minute cycle. Totals for the day were between 6.25-10.5.

Tuesday 9/4/12– group core to beat out the thunderstorms followed by 25 minutes warmup and …

Boys Group A- 5 miles at about 5:36 per mile- led by Karn and Dan.

Boys Group B (Ladies A)- 4.2 miles at a hard clip.

Boys C (girls B)- 3.1 miles at a tough clip.

Cool down was 20* 100m on a 60 second cycle.  Totals for the afternoon totaled between 6.5-9 miles.

Monday 9/3/12- Labor Day – by the looks of Tuesday’s practice most of you observed this holiday with almost religious reverence.

XC Week 9 (Week of 8/27/12)

Monday 8/27/12– 2 miles up, stretch drills strides (8) , Group A- 8 loops at 6:00/ mile, Group B(Girls A)- 7 miles at LT, Group C (Girls B) 6 miles at LT. Cooldown of  18 x 100m.
Tuesday 8/28/12- same as last week!!!
Wednesday 8/29/12– same as last week except instead of finishing with 8 x 100m add 8 more for 16 x 100m. Guys hit 16.2 miles to Griggstown lock plus 16 x 100m for a total of 17.2 on the day
Thursday 8/30/12– same as last week
Friday 8/31/12– Boys 25 x hill, Girls 20 hills!!!