XC Week 8 (Week of 8/20/12)

Friday 8/24/12– kids ran 2.5 miles up before hitting 20x 150m and coolin back down.

Thursday 8/23/12– day started with some core and 50 minutes of gentle running- kids finished with between 6-8 miles on the day.

Wednesday 8/22/12– top dogs (Group A) hit 16.2 miles to Griggstown’s lock.  Group B (Girls A) hit 13.5 miles, Group C hit 11.5 miles and the beginners hit 80 minutes, everyone finished with 8 x 100m to go 16.7/ 14/12 on the morning.  Every year there is a day where I start to get excited for our team.  Today was the day- you guys looked like a college program out there. NOW LETS GO!!!!!

Tuesday 8/21/12- same as last tuesday with the exception of 40 being thre magic number for squats.  Good day.  Day began with 2 x 2 minute wallsits, last wall sit was to failure-  Dakota Bacher, Amanada Fleres, Yvonne Yu, Penny Luan, and KURT O. were able to hang on for 14 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 8/20/12-2 miles up before embarking on between 5 miles of up tempo running at Greenway Preserve- A group came back with a 3 mile kicker, B group
(Girls A) came back with a 2 mile kicker , Boys C (Girls B) just finished with 16x 100m. Total mileage for the day was between 8-11.