XC Week 6 (Week of 8/6/12)


Friday 8/10/12– Areton Rd Hill day!!!! Kids got in 2.5 miles up followed by 20-22x 150m hill and 2.5 down- great week Pirates.

Thursday 8/9/12– recovery run followed by upper body core session.

Wednesday 8/8/12– happy anniversary for Mr and Mrs. Coach Siegel! Long run Wednesday!!!

Group A- kids ran to Griggstown NJ and back- 8 strides adds up to 18 Miles!!!!!!!!

Group B (girls A)- kids ran to the 1st lock past Rocky Hill for around 13.5- total mileage plus 16 x 100 14.5

Group C- (girls B) kids ran to Rocky Hill and back with 16 x 100m for a total of 12.5!!!

Great day Pirates!!!!!!!

Tuesday 8/7/12– Distance run followed by leg circuit. We completed portions of the Lawrin Loop- however we will call this loop the Lauren Manzo loop because of our dedication and enthusiastic (some would say obsessive) following of NJ Housewives.

Group A- Large Lauren 8.2 mile loop (route HERE)

Group B -Medium Lauren 6.7 mile loop (route HERE)

Group C- Baby Lauren? 5.7 mile loop (Route  HERE)

Everyone finished with new leg circuit of 1. 30 squats, 2. 100m stride, 3, 50m lunge x 10.  Good day.

Monday 8/6/12- kids warmed up 15 minutes and stretched out before getting in 30 minutes up tempo, after a quick water break kids ran 1-3 miles hard, cooldown was short jog and 18 x 100m.  Top group got in at least 10.

Group A-30 minutes at 5:45 pace, 3 miles hard

Group B-(girls A) 30 minutes at 75 % followed by 2 miles hard.

Group C-(girls B) 30 minutes at 75 % followed by 1 mile hard.