XC Week 8 (Week of 8/20/12)

Friday 8/24/12– kids ran 2.5 miles up before hitting 20x 150m and coolin back down.

Thursday 8/23/12– day started with some core and 50 minutes of gentle running- kids finished with between 6-8 miles on the day.

Wednesday 8/22/12– top dogs (Group A) hit 16.2 miles to Griggstown’s lock.  Group B (Girls A) hit 13.5 miles, Group C hit 11.5 miles and the beginners hit 80 minutes, everyone finished with 8 x 100m to go 16.7/ 14/12 on the morning.  Every year there is a day where I start to get excited for our team.  Today was the day- you guys looked like a college program out there. NOW LETS GO!!!!!

Tuesday 8/21/12- same as last tuesday with the exception of 40 being thre magic number for squats.  Good day.  Day began with 2 x 2 minute wallsits, last wall sit was to failure-  Dakota Bacher, Amanada Fleres, Yvonne Yu, Penny Luan, and KURT O. were able to hang on for 14 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 8/20/12-2 miles up before embarking on between 5 miles of up tempo running at Greenway Preserve- A group came back with a 3 mile kicker, B group
(Girls A) came back with a 2 mile kicker , Boys C (Girls B) just finished with 16x 100m. Total mileage for the day was between 8-11.

XC Week 7 (Week of 8/13/12)


“Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps.  Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised.” – John Steinbeck.


Friday 8/17/122.5 miles up, between 10-24 x 150 m hill. 2.5 down- about 6-7 on the morning.

Thursday 8/16/12– kids ran about 50 minutes after 15 minutes of core.  after returning everyone hit a mile at LT and 16 x 100m. Total mileage between 7-9.

Wednesday 8/15/12– kids ran their long run of …

A Group- 14.5 miles and 16x 100.

B Group (Girls A)- 12 miles and 16*100

C Group (Girls B)- 10 miles and 16 x 100m

Good day- tough and humid but Pirates gutted it out!!! Including Amanda- look at the size of this blister!!!! ;(

Tuesday 8/14/12– day started with 2 x 2 minute wall sits, afterwhich kids settled into

Group A- Large Lauren 8.2 mile loop (route HERE)

Group B -Medium Lauren 6.7 mile loop (route HERE)

Group C- Baby Lauren? 5.7 mile loop (Route  HERE)

Turns out the Rd is called Lanwin and Mr. Wayton is  cixelsyd CRAP I mean dyslexic!!!  Kid hit leg circuit upon return and got in 10 x (35 free squats, 100m strides, 50m lunge)

Monday 8/13/12-  2 miles up followed by 5-7 miles at a solid pace.  1 mile of strides cooldown. Group A- 7 miles.  Group B (Girls A)- 6 miles, Group C (Girls B)- 5 miles.

XC Week 6 (Week of 8/6/12)


Friday 8/10/12– Areton Rd Hill day!!!! Kids got in 2.5 miles up followed by 20-22x 150m hill and 2.5 down- great week Pirates.

Thursday 8/9/12– recovery run followed by upper body core session.

Wednesday 8/8/12– happy anniversary for Mr and Mrs. Coach Siegel! Long run Wednesday!!!

Group A- kids ran to Griggstown NJ and back- 8 strides adds up to 18 Miles!!!!!!!!

Group B (girls A)- kids ran to the 1st lock past Rocky Hill for around 13.5- total mileage plus 16 x 100 14.5

Group C- (girls B) kids ran to Rocky Hill and back with 16 x 100m for a total of 12.5!!!

Great day Pirates!!!!!!!

Tuesday 8/7/12– Distance run followed by leg circuit. We completed portions of the Lawrin Loop- however we will call this loop the Lauren Manzo loop because of our dedication and enthusiastic (some would say obsessive) following of NJ Housewives.

Group A- Large Lauren 8.2 mile loop (route HERE)

Group B -Medium Lauren 6.7 mile loop (route HERE)

Group C- Baby Lauren? 5.7 mile loop (Route  HERE)

Everyone finished with new leg circuit of 1. 30 squats, 2. 100m stride, 3, 50m lunge x 10.  Good day.

Monday 8/6/12- kids warmed up 15 minutes and stretched out before getting in 30 minutes up tempo, after a quick water break kids ran 1-3 miles hard, cooldown was short jog and 18 x 100m.  Top group got in at least 10.

Group A-30 minutes at 5:45 pace, 3 miles hard

Group B-(girls A) 30 minutes at 75 % followed by 2 miles hard.

Group C-(girls B) 30 minutes at 75 % followed by 1 mile hard.