XC Week 3 (Week of 7/16/12)



Friday 7/20/12- kids ran 2.5 miles up Cherry Hill to Arreton Rd, hit the hill between 13-16 times and came back down the mountain.  Total mileage between 5.5-6.5

Thursday 7/19/12– 45 minute minute recovery run followed by core work.

Wednesday 7/18/12– kids toughed out the most brutal day of the summer thus far by sticking to plans with zero complaints.  Guys worked in three groups, Top Group hit about 12 miles, next group hit around 10 and C group hit 7.5.  Top ladies hit 10 and B group hit 7.5.  Everyone finished with 16x 100m for a total of between 8.5-13 on the day.  Very good work. Amanda and Allessandriaxa˜, please run 80 minutes and finish with 16x 100m.

Tuesday 7/17/12– PRACTICE AT HIGH SCHOOL 7:30 A.M.!!!! kids ran between 4.2-7.25 miles before doing a mile of circuits (overunders/ plyo hops/ free squats/ coes) finished with 10 barefoot strides.  Amanda and Alelesandria – you guys should run 7 miles and get in 10 barefoot strides.


Monday 7/16/12- kids got in 2 miles up before hitting a 970 m loop at LT.  Top dogs hit 9 loops for around 5.5 miles, 2nd group hit 6 loops for 3.6 and starter group hit 5 loops for 3 miles,  Top ladies were led by Julia with 7 loops for 4.25- Girls B group hit 3 miles.  Cooldown for everyone was a short jog and 18 x 100m  Good day